Psalm 21
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1LORD JEHOVAH, the King will rejoice in your power, and in your salvation he will greatly leap for joy.

2You have given him the desire of his heart and you have not denied him the preparation of his lips.

3Because the blessing of goodness went before him and you have set a precious crown upon his head.

4He asked you for life and you have given him the length of days to an eternity of eternities.

5His glory is great in your salvation; you have set glory and brightness upon him.

6Because you have made him a blessing to an eternity of eternities and you have made him glad with the joy of your face.

7Because the King hopes in LORD JEHOVAH, by the grace of The Highest he will not be moved.

8Your hand will find all your enemies and your right hand will find those who hate you.

9You will make them like a furnace of fire for the time of wrath.

10You will destroy their fruit from the Earth and their seed from the children of men. LORD JEHOVAH will burn them in his wrath and fire will devour them.

11Because they prayed evil against you and they have conceived a scheme and they were not able to do it.

12Put a scar within them and establish your preparation against their faces.

13Be lifted up, LORD JEHOVAH, in your might; we will sing and praise your heroism!

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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