Psalm 49
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1Hear this, all you nations, and obey, all inhabitants of the Earth.

2Children of Earth and the children of men together, the rich and the poor,

3My mouth will speak wisdom and the meditation of my heart is intelligence.

4I shall turn my ears to parables and I shall speak my riddles with the harp.

5I will not fear in the evil days; the evil of my enemies surrounds me:

6All who trust upon their power and are boasting in the abundance of their riches.

7A brother does not save, and a man does not give God his redemption.

8The salvation of their souls is precious; it labors for eternity,

9That you shall live for the eternity of eternities and you shall not see destruction.

10When you shall see the wise who die together with fools, and feeble minds who are perishing, and leave their possessions to others,

11Their graves are their houses for eternity, and their dwelling for a generation of generations, and they read the names in the ground.

12A man is not sustained in his honor, but ends up an animal, and resembles one.

13This their way is a subversion to their souls, and in the end they will feed like sheep with their mouths.

14They will be given up to Sheol and death will feed on them, and the upright will rule over them in the morning, and Sheol will consume their form and they shall be cast out from their glory.

15God will redeem my soul and he will raise me up from the hand of Sheol.

16Do not fear when a man is made rich and the honor of his house increases.

17Because he will not take anything in his death, neither does his glory descend after him.

18Because he blesses his soul in his life, he will acknowledge you when you bless him.

19And you will bring him to the generation of his fathers; he will not see light until eternity.

20A man who is in his honor is not sustained, but ends up an animal and resembles one.

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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