Zechariah 7
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1And it was in the fourth year of Darius the King, the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon Zechariah on the fourth day in the ninth month, which is Kanun 2And he sent Sheretsar and Rabmag to Bayth Eil, and the King sent and his mighty men to pray for him before LORD JEHOVAH 3And to say to the Priests who are in the house of LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts and to the Prophets: ”Shall I weep in the fifth month or shall I separate myself as I had done, behold, so many years?” 4And the answer of LORD JEHOVAH was upon me, saying: 5Say to all the people of the land and to the Priests: “When you fasted and you made lamentation in the fifth month and the seventh, behold, seventy years, were you fasting a fast for me? 6And if you eat and drink, is it not you eating and drinking?” 7These are the words that LORD JEHOVAH preached by the agency of the former Prophets when Jerusalem was resting and quiet, and the cities around her and the mountains and the valleys were resting

8And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was upon Zechariah, saying: 9”Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts: judge the judgment of truth, and perform, each man, grace and mercy with his brother 10And the widow and the orphan and the poor and the convert to me you shall not cheat and you shall not oppress, neither shall you devise evil, any man against his brother, in your heart 11And they chose not to listen to me and they made their shoulder rebellious and their ears they plugged that they would not hear 12And they made their heart as adamant stone that they would not hear the Law and the commands that LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts sent in his Spirit by the first Prophets, and there was great wrath from before LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts 13Because I called them and they did not listen, so they shall call me and I shall not listen to them, says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts 14And I shall scatter them into all the nations that have not known them, and the land shall be desolate after them for lack of a passerby or an inhabitant, because they had made the land of desire a wilderness.”

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