Psalm 88
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A song. A psalm by the descendants of Korah. According to "i"Machalath Leannoth. An instructiona by Heman the Ezrahite.

A Cry for Help

1LORD, God of my salvation,

by day and by night I cry out before you.

2Let my prayer come before you;

listenb to my cry.

3For my life is filled with troubles

as I approach Sheol.c

4I am considered as one of those descending into the Pit,d

like a mighty man without strength,

5released to remaine with the dead,

lying in a grave like a corpse,

remembered no longer,

and cut off from your power.

6You have assigned me to the lowest part of the Pit,f

to the darkest depths.

7Your anger lies heavily upon me;

you poundg me with all your waves.


8You caused my acquaintances to shun me;h

you make me extremely abhorrent to them.

Restrained, I am unable to go out.

9My eyes languish on account of my affliction;

all day long I call out to you, LORD,

I spread out my hands to you.

10Can you perform wonders for the dead?

Can departed spirits stand up to praise you?


11Can your gracious love be declared in the grave

or your faithfulness in Abaddon?i

12Can your awesome deeds be known in darkness

or your righteousness in the land of oblivion?

13As for me, I cry out to you LORD,

and in the morning my prayer greets you.

14Why, LORD, have you rejected me?

Why have you hidden your face from me?

15Since my youth I have been oppressed

and in danger of death.

I bear your dread

and am overwhelmed.

16Your burning anger overwhelms me;

your terrors destroy me.

17Like waters, they engulf me all day long;

they surround me on all sides.

18You caused my friend and neighbor to shun me;j

and my acquaintances are confused.k

a 88:T Lit. maskil
b 88:2 Lit. stretch your ears
c 88:3 i.e. the realm of the dead
d 88:4 i.e. the place of punishment in the afterlife
e 88:5 The Heb. lacks to remain
f 88:6 i.e. the place of punishment in the afterlife
g 88:7 Lit. oppress
h 88:8 Lit. to be distant
i 88:11 i.e. the realm of destruction in the afterlife
j 88:18 Lit. be distant from
k 88:18 Lit. are in darkness

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