1 Thessalonians 2
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1For you yourselves, brothers, know our entry to you that has not been in vain; 2But rather having previously suffered and having been mistreated (shamefully/outrageously/injuriously treated, latin-contumelis-insulted), just as you know, in Philippi, we had boldness in our God to speak to you the gospel of God among (in) much struggle (contending, greek word like agony). 3For our entreaty (latin-exhortatio) was not from out of error (wandering, departure from truth) nor from out of uncleanness (admixed impurity), nor in trickery (baiting, deceit by guile/snaring); 4But rather just as we have been approved (approved by testing) by God to be entrusted with the gospel, thus we speak; not as men pleasing, but rather God, who is examining (approving by testing) our hearts. 5For never at any time were we being in flattering word, just as you know, nor in pretense for covetous advantage- God is witness; 6Nor seeking from out of men glory, nor away from you, nor away from others, though having power (ability) to be a burden, as Christ’s apostles. 7But rather we were as infants (nephios-unlearned simple innocent babes, latin-lenes-bland) in the middle (midst) of you, like as if a nursing mother (female care-giver, nurse- latin-nutrix-nurse) nurturing (nourishing, cherishing, keeping warm) her own children. 8So yearning over you, we were well-pleased to have imparted (given a share of) to you, not only the gospel of God, but rather also our own souls (psychas), because you have become beloved to us.

9For you remember, brothers, our labor (wearisome toil) and hardship (hard toil): working day and night toward not putting a burden upon anyone of you, we preached unto you the gospel of God. 10You and God are witnesses of how holily (holy-ly, piously) and righteously (justly) and blamelessly we were to you, those believing; 11Just as you know how to each one of you, as a father to his own children, we were entreating you and consoling (solacing, soothing speaking from close beside) and testifying (summon as a witness, affirm, latin-testificati) 12unto you to walk around worthily of God who calls you unto His kingdom and glory.

13And because of this we also give thanks to God unceasingly (without any unnecessary interval-not across to leave), that, having received the word of God by your hearing from beside us, you did not accept the word of men, but rather just as truly, it is the word of God, which also effectually works (energizes) in you who believe. 14For you became imitators, brothers, of the churches of God being in Judea in Christ Jesus. Because they suffered the same things by your own fellow-tribesmen, just as they did by the Jews, 15Who have killed the Lord Jesus and their own prophets; and have driven is out (chased out/expelled with persecution, latin-persecuti, different from other persecution word); and not pleasing God; and who are set against (opposed, hostile) all men, 16Forbidding (hindering, latin-prohibentes) us to speak to the ethnicties, so that they might be saved, unto always filling up their sins. However the wrath unto the end (utmost, reaching the end, consummation) has come upon them.

17However, we, brothers, having been deprived as orphans (separated from as defenseless orphans, of aporphanizo like orphan) away from you to an hours’ time from your face (presence, sight), not in heart, were exceedingly diligent (be speedy, in haste, be swift) to see your face in much desire (upon strong/passionate urge). 18On account of that we wanted to come to you, I indeed Paul; once and twice and Satan impedingly hindered (cut in, block) us. 19For who is our hope or joy or crown (victor garland not a diadem crown) of boasting? Or is it not even you- before the face of our Lord Jesus in His coming? 20For you are our glory and joy.

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