Isaiah 60
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1Arise, shine, for your light has come, "" And the glory of YHWH has risen on you.

2For behold, the darkness covers the earth, "" And thick darkness the peoples, "" And YHWH rises on you, "" And His glory is seen on you.

3And nations have come to your light, "" And kings to the brightness of your rising.

4“Lift up your eyes around and see, "" All of them have been gathered, they have come to you, "" Your sons come from afar, "" And your daughters are supported on the side.

5Then you see, and have become bright, "" And your heart has been afraid and enlarged, "" For the multitude of the sea turn to you, "" The forces of nations come to you.

6A multitude of camels covers you, "" Dromedaries of Midian and Ephah, "" All of them from Sheba come, "" They carry gold and frankincense, "" And they proclaim the praises of YHWH.

7All the flock of Kedar are gathered to you, "" The rams of Nebaioth serve you, "" They ascend My altar for acceptance, "" And I beautify the house of My beauty.

8Who [are] these—they fly as a thick cloud, "" And as doves to their windows?

9Surely islands wait for Me, "" And ships of Tarshish first, "" To bring your sons from afar, "" Their silver and their gold with them, "" To the Name of your God YHWH, "" And to the Holy One of Israel, "" Because He has beautified you.

10And sons of a stranger have built your walls, "" And their kings serve you, "" For in My wrath I have struck you, "" And in My good pleasure I have pitied you.

11And your gates have continually opened, "" They are not shut by day and by night, "" To bring the force of nations to you, "" Even their kings are led.

12For the nation and the kingdom that does not serve you perishes, "" Indeed, the nations are utterly desolated.

13The glory of Lebanon comes to you, "" Fir, pine, and box together, "" To beautify the place of My sanctuary, "" And I make the place of My feet honorable.

14And the sons of those afflicting you "" Have come to you, bowing down, "" And all despising you "" Have bowed themselves to the soles of your feet, "" And they have cried to you: The City of YHWH, "" Zion of the Holy One of Israel!

15Instead of your being forsaken and hated, "" And none passing through, "" I have made you for a continuous excellence, "" A joy of generation and generation.

16And you have sucked the milk of nations, "" Indeed, you suckle the breast of kings, "" And you have known that I, YHWH, "" Your Savior, and Your Redeemer, "" [Am] the Mighty One of Jacob.

17Instead of the bronze I bring in gold, "" And instead of the iron I bring in silver, "" And instead of the wood bronze, "" And instead of the stone iron, "" And I have made your inspection peace, "" And your exactors righteousness.

18Violence is not heard in your land anymore, "" Spoiling and destruction in your borders, "" And you have called your walls Salvation, "" And your gates Praise.

19The sun is no longer your light by day, "" And for brightness the moon does not give light to you, "" And YHWH has become to you "" A continuous light, and your God your beauty.

20Your sun goes in no more, "" And your moon is not removed, "" For YHWH becomes a continuous light to you. And the days of your mourning have been completed.

21And all your people [are] righteous, "" They possess the earth for all time, "" A branch of My planting, "" A work of My hands, to be beautified.

22The little one becomes a chief, "" And the small one a mighty nation, "" I, YHWH, hurry it in its own time!”

Literal Standard Version
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