Job 34
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1And Elihu answers and says:

2“Hear, O wise men, my words, "" And, O knowing ones, give ear to me.

3For the ear tries words, "" And the palate tastes to eat.

4Let us choose judgment for ourselves, "" Let us know among ourselves what [is] good.

5For Job has said, I have been righteous, "" And God has turned aside my right,

6Against my right do I lie? My arrow [is] mortal—without transgression.

7Who [is] a man like Job? He drinks scoffing like water,

8And he has traveled for company "" With workers of iniquity, "" So as to go with men of wickedness.

9For he has said, It does not profit a man "" When he delights himself with God.

10Therefore, O men of heart, listen to me; Far be it from God to do wickedness, "" And [from] the Mighty to do perverseness,

11For He repays the work of man to him, "" And according to the path of each He causes him to find.

12Indeed, truly, God does not do wickedly, "" And the Mighty does not pervert judgment.

13Who has inspected for Himself the earth? And who has placed all the habitable world?

14If He sets His heart on him, "" [If] He gathers His Spirit and His breath to Himself,

15All flesh expires together, "" And man returns to dust.

16And if [there is] understanding, hear this, "" Give ear to the voice of my words.

17Indeed, does one hating justice govern? Or do you condemn the Most Just?

18Who has said to a king, Worthless, "" To princes, Wicked?

19That has not accepted the person of princes, "" Nor has known the rich before the poor, "" For all of them [are] a work of His hands.

20[In] a moment they die, "" And at midnight people shake, "" And they pass away, "" And they remove the mighty without hand.

21For His eyes [are] on the ways of each, "" And He sees all his steps.

22There is no darkness nor death-shade, "" For workers of iniquity to be hidden there;

23For He does not permit man anymore, "" To go to God in judgment,

24He breaks the mighty—no searching! And He appoints others in their stead.

25Therefore He knows their works, "" And He has overturned by night, "" And they are bruised.

26As wicked He has struck them, "" In the place of beholders.

27Because that against right "" They have turned aside from after Him, "" And have considered none of His ways,

28To cause to come to Him "" The cry of the poor, "" And He hears the cry of the afflicted.

29And He gives rest, and who makes wrong? And hides the face, and who beholds it? And in reference to a nation and to a man, "" [It is] the same.

30From the reigning of a profane man, "" From the snares of a people;

31For has any said to God: I have taken away, "" I do not do corruptly,

32Besides [that which] I see, You show me, "" If I have done iniquity—I do not add?

33Does He repay by you, that you have refused—That you choose, and not I? And what you have known, speak.

34Let men of heart say to me, "" And a wise man is listening to me:

35Job—he does not speak with knowledge, "" And his words [are] not with wisdom.

36My Father! Let Job be tried—to victory, "" Because of answers for men of iniquity,

37For he adds to his sin, "" He vomits transgression among us, "" And multiplies his sayings to God.”

Literal Standard Version
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