Lamentations 4
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1[ALEPH-BET] How the gold has become dim, "" Changed the best—the pure gold! Stones of the sanctuary are poured out "" At the head of all out-places.

2The precious sons of Zion, "" Who are comparable with fine gold, "" How they have been reckoned earthen bottles, "" Work of the hands of a potter.

3Even dragons have drawn out the breast, "" They have suckled their young ones, "" The daughter of my people has become cruel, "" Like the ostriches in a wilderness.

4The tongue of a suckling has cleaved to his palate with thirst, "" Infants asked for bread, they have no dealer [of it] out.

5Those eating of delicacies have been desolate in out-places, "" Those supported on scarlet have embraced dunghills.

6And greater is the iniquity of the daughter of my people, "" Than the sin of Sodom, "" That was overturned as [in] a moment, "" And no hands were stayed on her.

7Purer were her Nazarites than snow, "" Whiter than milk, ruddier of body than rubies, "" Of sapphire their form.

8Their face has been darker than blackness, "" They have not been known in out-places, "" Their skin has cleaved to their bone, "" It has withered—it has been as wood.

9Better have been the pierced of a sword "" Than the pierced of famine, "" For these flow away, pierced through, "" Without the increase of the field.

10The hands of merciful women have boiled their own children, "" They have been for food to them, "" In the destruction of the daughter of my people.

11YHWH has completed His fury, "" He has poured out the fierceness of His anger, "" And He kindles a fire in Zion, "" And it devours her foundations.

12The kings of earth did not believe, "" And any of the inhabitants of the world, "" That an adversary and enemy would come "" Into the gates of Jerusalem.

13Because of the sins of her prophets, "" The iniquities of her priests, "" Who are shedding in her midst the blood of the righteous,

14They have wandered naked in out-places, "" They have been defiled with blood, "" Without [any] being able to touch their clothing,

15“Turn aside—unclean,” they called to them, "" “Turn aside, turn aside, do not touch,” "" For they fled—indeed, they have wandered, "" They have said among nations: “They do not add to sojourn.”

16The face of YHWH has divided them, "" He does not add to behold them, "" They have not lifted up the face of priests, "" They have not favored [the] old and elderly.

17While we exist—consumed are our eyes for our vain help, "" In our watchtower we have watched for a nation [that] does not save.

18They have hunted our steps from going in our broad-places, "" Near has been our end, fulfilled our days, "" For our end has come.

19Swifter have been our pursuers, "" Than the eagles of the heavens, "" On the mountains they have burned [after] us, "" In the wilderness they have laid wait for us.

20The breath of our nostrils—the anointed of YHWH, "" Has been captured in their pits, of whom we said: “We live among nations in his shadow.”

21Rejoice and be glad, O daughter of Edom, "" Dwelling in the land of Uz, "" Even to you a cup passes over, "" You are drunk, and make yourself naked.

22Completed [is] your iniquity, daughter of Zion, "" He does not add to remove you, "" He has inspected your iniquity, O daughter of Edom, "" He has removed [you] because of your sins!

Literal Standard Version
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