Lamentations 3
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1[ALEPH-BET] I [am] the man [who] has seen affliction "" By the rod of His wrath.

2He has led me, and causes to go [in] darkness, and without light.

3Surely against me He turns back, "" He turns His hand all the day.

4He has worn out my flesh and my skin. He has broken my bones.

5He has built up against me, "" And sets around poverty and weariness.

6In dark places He has caused me to dwell, "" As the dead of old.

7He has hedged me in, and I do not go out, "" He has made heavy my chain.

8Also when I call and cry out, "" He has shut out my prayer.

9He has hedged my ways with hewn work, "" My paths He has made crooked.

10A bear lying in wait He [is] to me, "" A lion in secret hiding places.

11My ways He is turning aside, and He pulls me in pieces, "" He has made me a desolation.

12He has bent His bow, "" And sets me up as a mark for an arrow.

13He has caused to enter into my reins "" The sons of His quiver.

14I have been a derision to all my people, "" Their song all the day.

15He has filled me with bitter things, "" He has filled me [with] wormwood.

16And He breaks with gravel my teeth, "" He has covered me with ashes.

17And You cast off my soul from peace, "" I have forgotten prosperity.

18And I say, My strength and my hope have perished from YHWH.

19Remember my affliction and my mourning, "" Wormwood and gall!

20Remember well, and my soul bows down in me.

21This I turn to my heart—therefore I hope.

22The kindnesses of YHWH! For we have not been consumed, "" For His mercies have not ended.

23New every morning, abundant [is] Your faithfulness.

24My portion [is] YHWH, my soul has said, "" Therefore I hope for Him.

25YHWH [is] good to those waiting for Him, "" To the soul [that] seeks Him.

26[It is] good when one stays and stands still "" For the salvation of YHWH.

27[It is] good for a man that he bears a yoke in his youth.

28He sits alone, and is silent, "" For He has laid [it] on him.

29He puts his mouth in the dust, if so be, there is hope.

30He gives to his striker the cheek, "" He is filled with reproach.

31For the Lord does not cast off for all time.

32For though He afflicted, yet He has pitied, "" According to the abundance of His kindness.

33For He has not afflicted with His heart, "" Nor does He grieve the sons of men.

34To bruise under one’s feet any bound ones of earth,

35To turn aside the judgment of a man, "" Before the face of the Most High,

36To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord has not approved.

37Who [is] this—he has spoken, and it is, "" [And] the Lord has not commanded [it]?

38From the mouth of the Most High does not go forth the evils and the good.

39Why does a living man sigh habitually, "" A man for his sin?

40We search our ways, and investigate, "" And turn back to YHWH.

41We lift up our heart on the hands to God in the heavens.

42We have transgressed and been rebellious, "" You have not forgiven.

43You have covered Yourself with anger, "" And pursue us; You have slain—You have not pitied.

44You have covered Yourself with a cloud, "" So that prayer does not pass through.

45Outcast and refuse You make us "" In the midst of the peoples.

46Opened against us their mouth have all our enemies.

47Fear and a snare has been for us, "" Desolation and destruction.

48Streams of water go down my eye, "" For the destruction of the daughter of my people.

49My eye is poured out, "" And does not cease without intermission,

50Until YHWH looks and sees from the heavens,

51My eye affects my soul, "" Because of all the daughters of my city.

52Hunting—my enemies have hunted me without cause like the bird.

53They have cut off my life in a pit, "" And they cast a stone against me.

54Waters have flowed over my head, I have said, I have been cut off.

55I called Your Name, O YHWH, from the lower pit.

56You have heard my voice, do not hide Your ear at my breathing—at my cry.

57You have drawn near in the day I call You, You have said, Do not fear.

58You have pleaded, O Lord, the pleadings of my soul, "" You have redeemed my life.

59You have seen, O YHWH, my overthrow, "" Judge my cause.

60You have seen all their vengeance, "" All their thoughts of me.

61You have heard their reproach, O YHWH, "" All their thoughts against me,

62The lips of my withstanders, "" Even their meditation against me all the day.

63Their sitting down, and their rising up, "" Behold attentively, I [am] their song.

64You return to them the deed, O YHWH, "" According to the work of their hands.

65You give to them a covered heart, "" Your curse to them.

66You pursue in anger, and destroy them, "" From under the heavens of YHWH!

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