Micah 2
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1Woe [to] those devising iniquity, "" And working evil on their beds, "" In the morning light they do it, "" For their hand is—to God.

2And they have desired fields, "" And they have taken violently, "" And houses, and they have taken away, "" And have oppressed a man and his house, "" Even a man and his inheritance.

3Therefore, thus said YHWH: “Behold, I am devising against this family calamity, "" From which you do not remove your necks, "" Nor walk loftily, for it [is] a time of evil.

4In that day [one] takes up for you an allegory, "" And he has wailed a wailing of woe, "" He has said, We have been utterly spoiled, "" The portion of my people He changes, "" How He moves toward me! To the backslider our fields He apportions.

5Therefore, you have no caster of a line by lot "" In the assembly of YHWH.

6You do not prophesy—they prophesy, "" They do not prophesy to these, "" It does not remove shame.

7[Those] named the house of Jacob: Has the Spirit of YHWH been shortened? Are these His doings? Do My words not benefit the people that are walking uprightly?

8And recently My people raise up as an enemy, "" You strip off the honorable ornament from the outer garment, "" From the confident passers by, "" You who are turning back from war.

9The women of My people you cast out from its delightful house, "" From its sucklings you take away My honor for all time.

10Rise and go, for this [is] not the rest, "" Because of uncleanness it corrupts, "" And corruption is powerful.

11If one is going [with] the wind, "" And [with] falsehood has lied: I prophesy to you of wine, and of strong drink, "" He has been the prophet of this people!

12I surely gather you, O Jacob, all of you, "" I surely bring together the remnant of Israel, "" Together I set it as the flock of Bozrah, "" As a drove in the midst of its pasture, "" It makes a noise because of man.

13The breaker has gone up before them, "" They have broken through, "" Indeed, they pass through the gate, "" Indeed, they go out through it, "" And their king passes on before them, "" And YHWH at their head!”

Literal Standard Version
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