Micah 3
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1And I say, “Now hear, O heads of Jacob, || And you judges of the house of Israel, || Is it not for you to know the judgment?

2You who are hating good, and loving evil, || Taking violently their skin from off them, || And their flesh from off their bones,

3And who have eaten the flesh of My people, || And their skin from off them have stripped, || And their bones they have broken, || And they have spread [them] out as in a pot, || And as flesh in the midst of a cauldron.”

4Then they cry to YHWH, || And He does not answer them, || And hides His face from them at that time, || As they have made evil their doings.

5Thus said YHWH concerning the prophets || Who are causing My people to err, || Who are biting with their teeth, || And have cried “Peace,” || And he who does not give to their mouth, || They have sanctified against him war:

6“Therefore you have a night without vision, || And you have darkness without divination, || And the sun has gone in on the prophets, || And the day has been black over them.

7And the seers have been ashamed, || And the diviners have been confounded, || And all of them have covered their lip, || For there is no answer, O God.”

8And yet I have been full of power by the Spirit of YHWH, || And of judgment, and of might, || To declare to Jacob his transgression, || And to Israel his sin.

9Now hear this, O heads of the house of Jacob, || And you judges of the house of Israel, || Who are making judgment abominable, || And pervert all uprightness.

10Building up Zion with blood, || And Jerusalem with iniquity.

11Her heads judge for a bribe, || And her priests teach for hire, || And her prophets divine for silver, || And on YHWH they lean, saying, || “Is not YHWH in our midst? Evil does not come in on us.”

12Therefore, for your sake, Zion is plowed a field, and Jerusalem is heaps, || And the mountain of the house [is] for high places of a forest!

Literal Standard Version
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