Micah 3
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1And I say, “Now hear, O heads of Jacob, "" And you judges of the house of Israel, "" Is it not for you to know the judgment?

2You who are hating good, and loving evil, "" Taking violently their skin from off them, "" And their flesh from off their bones,

3And who have eaten the flesh of My people, "" And their skin from off them have stripped, "" And their bones they have broken, "" And they have spread [them] out as in a pot, "" And as flesh in the midst of a cauldron.”

4Then they cry to YHWH, "" And He does not answer them, "" And hides His face from them at that time, "" As they have made evil their doings.

5Thus said YHWH concerning the prophets "" Who are causing My people to err, "" Who are biting with their teeth, "" And have cried “Peace,” "" And he who does not give to their mouth, "" They have sanctified against him war:

6“Therefore you have a night without vision, "" And you have darkness without divination, "" And the sun has gone in on the prophets, "" And the day has been black over them.

7And the seers have been ashamed, "" And the diviners have been confounded, "" And all of them have covered their lip, "" For there is no answer, O God.”

8And yet I have been full of power by the Spirit of YHWH, "" And of judgment, and of might, "" To declare to Jacob his transgression, "" And to Israel his sin.

9Now hear this, O heads of the house of Jacob, "" And you judges of the house of Israel, "" Who are making judgment abominable, "" And pervert all uprightness.

10Building up Zion with blood, "" And Jerusalem with iniquity.

11Her heads judge for a bribe, "" And her priests teach for hire, "" And her prophets divine for silver, "" And on YHWH they lean, saying, "" “Is not YHWH in our midst? Evil does not come in on us.”

12Therefore, for your sake, Zion is plowed a field, and Jerusalem is heaps, "" And the mountain of the house [is] for high places of a forest!

Literal Standard Version
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