Proverbs 29
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1A man often reproved, hardening the neck, "" Is suddenly broken, and there is no healing.

2In the multiplying of the righteous the people rejoice, "" And in the ruling of the wicked the people sigh.

3A man loving wisdom makes his father glad, "" And a friend of harlots destroys wealth.

4A king establishes a land by judgment, "" And one receiving gifts throws it down.

5A man taking a portion above his neighbor, "" Spreads a net for his own steps.

6A snare [is] in the transgression of the evil, "" And the righteous sing and rejoice.

7The righteous knows the plea of the poor, "" The wicked does not understand knowledge.

8Men of scorning ensnare a city, "" And the wise turn back anger.

9A wise man is judged by the foolish man, "" And he has been angry, "" And he has laughed, and there is no rest.

10Men of blood hate the perfect, "" And the upright seek his soul.

11A fool brings out all his mind, "" And the wise restrains it until afterward.

12A ruler who is attending to lying words, "" All his ministers [are] wicked.

13The poor and the man of frauds have met together, "" YHWH is enlightening the eyes of them both.

14A king that is judging the poor with truth, "" His throne is established forever.

15A rod and reproof give wisdom, "" And a youth let away is shaming his mother.

16In the multiplying of the wicked transgression multiplies, "" And the righteous look on their fall.

17Discipline your son, and he gives you comfort, "" Indeed, he gives delights to your soul.

18A people is made naked without a vision, "" And whoever is keeping the Law, O his blessedness!

19By words a servant is not instructed though he understand, "" And there is nothing answering.

20You have seen a man hasty in his words! More hope of a fool than of him.

21Whoever is bringing up his servant delicately, from youth, "" [At] his latter end he is also continuator.

22An angry man stirs up contention, "" And a furious man is multiplying transgression.

23The pride of man humbles him, "" And humility of spirit upholds honor.

24Whoever is sharing with a thief is hating his own soul, "" He hears execration, and does not tell.

25Fear of man causes a snare, "" And the confident in YHWH is set on high.

26Many are seeking the face of a ruler, "" And the judgment of each [is] from YHWH.

27The perverse man [is] an abomination to the righteous, "" And the upright in the way [is] an abomination to the wicked!

Literal Standard Version
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