Psalm 48
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1A SONG. A PSALM OF THE SONS OF KORAH. Great [is] YHWH, and greatly praised, "" In the city of our God—His holy hill.

2Beautiful [for] elevation, "" A joy of all the land, [is] Mount Zion, "" The sides of the north, the city of [the] great King.

3God is known for a tower in her high places.

4For behold, the kings met, they passed by together,

5They have seen—so they have marveled, "" They have been troubled, they were hurried away.

6Trembling has seized them there, "" Pain, as of a travailing woman.

7By an east wind You shatter ships of Tarshish.

8As we have heard, so we have seen, "" In the city of YHWH of hosts, "" In the city of our God, God establishes her for all time. Selah.

9We have thought, O God, of Your kindness, "" In the midst of Your temple,

10As [is] Your Name, O God, so [is] Your praise, "" Over the ends of the earth, "" Righteousness has filled Your right hand.

11Mount Zion rejoices, "" The daughters of Judah are joyful, "" For the sake of Your judgments.

12Surround Zion, and go around her, count her towers,

13Set your heart to her bulwark, "" Consider her high places, "" So that you recount to a later generation,

14That this God [is] our God—For all time and forever, "" He leads us over death!

Literal Standard Version
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