2 Corinthians 5
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Our Eternal Dwelling
(Romans 8:18–27)

1For I know, that if my body, which is but a tent for my sojourning upon earth, were dissolved, I have what is not fram'd by human art, but by the divine architect, a mansion eternal in the heavens. 2while I am thus incas'd, I groan with desire to have that celestial vehicle superinduc'd: 3tho' should I be divested of this body, I shall not even then be destitute of one. 4we that are in this tabernacle do groan under the burden of it: not that we desire to be divested of it, but we desire to have our celestial body, that this mortal state may vanish into immortality. 5now he that hath prepared us for this very state, is God, who hath given us the spirit as a pledge of it.

6therefore being always certainly assur'd that whilst I sojourn in this body, I am absent from the Lord, 7(for I regulate my conduct by my future expectations, not by visible enjoyments: 8) in this assurance, I say, I think it best to be quit of this body, and be present with the Lord. 9wherefore I studiously endeavour, whether staying in it, or departing out of it, to be acceptable to him. 10for we must all appear before the tribunal of Christ; that every one may receive the retribution, according as his actions in the body were either good or evil.

Ambassadors for Christ

11Shall I then, who know this terrible judgment of the Lord, endeavour to appease men? as for God, I am approved by him, and I trust also you are convinced of my being so approved. 12and this I say, not to commend myself again unto you, but to give you an occasion of glorying on my account, that you may confront those who make a false show of glorying. 13for if I glory even to transport, my glorying is in God: if I am moderate, my glorying is for your service. 14to this I am urg'd by the love I bear to Christ, persuaded as I am, that if one died for all, then were all in a dying state: and that he died for all, 15that they who are in a state of life should not live at their own discretion, but to the service of him who died for them, and rose again.

16Wherefore, henceforth I have no regard to any man for his external appearance: for tho' I formerly look'd for worldly grandeur in the Messiah, yet now I see things in another light. 17therefore, if any man be a christian, he is in a new creation: the old state of things is chang'd to one entirely new. 18Now this is all owing to God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath made us the ministers of this reconciliation; 19for it is God that has reconciled the world to himself, by Jesus Christ, by not imputing their sins to them; and hath committed to us the gospel of reconciliation.

20we then are ambassadors for Christ, and 'tis God who makes you the offers by us: we pray you in the name of Christ, to make your peace with God. 21for he hath made him who knew no sin to be a sin-offering for us, that we might be justified by God thro' him.

Daniel Mace New Testament (1729)

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