Psalm 48:11
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Let Mount Zion be glad, Let the daughters of Judah rejoice Because of Your judgments.

King James Bible
Let mount Zion rejoice, let the daughters of Judah be glad, because of thy judgments.

Darby Bible Translation
Let mount Zion rejoice, let the daughters of Judah be glad, because of thy judgments.

World English Bible
Let Mount Zion be glad! Let the daughters of Judah rejoice, Because of your judgments.

Young's Literal Translation
Rejoice doth Mount Zion, The daughters of Judah are joyful, For the sake of Thy judgments.

Psalm 48:11 Parallel
Barnes' Notes on the Bible

Let mount Zion rejoice - Let Jerusalem, the holy city, rejoice or be glad. Mount Zion is evidently used here to designate the city; and the idea is, that the city of God - the holy city - had occasion for joy and gladness in view of the manifestation of the divine favor.

Let the daughters of Judah be glad - The phrase "daughters of Judah" "may" denote the smaller cities in the tribe of Judah, that surrounded Jerusalem as the "mother" city - in accordance with an usage quite common in the Hebrew Scriptures. See the notes at Isaiah 1:8. Perhaps, however, the more obvious interpretation is the correct one, as meaning that the women of Judah had special occasion to rejoice on account of their deliverance from so great danger, and from the horrors which usually attended the siege or the conquest of the city - the atrocities which commonly befall the female sex when a city is captured in war. The "daughters of Judah" are those descended from Judah, or connected with the tribe of Judah. Jerusalem was in the bounds of that tribe, and the name Judah was given to all those that remained after the removal of the ten tribes.

Because of thy judgments - Thy righteous interposition in delivering the city and people.

Psalm 48:11 Parallel Commentaries

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