Psalm 71:10
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
For my enemies have spoken against me; And those who watch for my life have consulted together,

King James Bible
For mine enemies speak against me; and they that lay wait for my soul take counsel together,

Darby Bible Translation
For mine enemies speak against me, and they that watch for my soul consult together,

World English Bible
For my enemies talk about me. Those who watch for my soul conspire together,

Young's Literal Translation
For mine enemies have spoken against me, And those watching my soul have taken counsel together,

Psalm 71:10 Parallel
Barnes' Notes on the Bible

For mine enemies speak against me - That is, they said substantially, as it is stated in Psalm 71:11, that God had forsaken him, and that therefore, they would arise and punish him, or treat him as an outcast from God.

And they that lay wait for my soul - For my life; or, to take my life. The margin here - as the Hebrew - is, "watch," or "observe." The "watchers for my life;" that is, they who watch for an opportunity to take my life, or to destroy me.

Take counsel together - About the best means of accomplishing their object.

Psalm 71:10 Parallel Commentaries

Of Four Things which Bring Great Peace
"My Son, now will I teach thee the way of peace and of true liberty." 2. Do, O my Lord, as Thou sayest, for this is pleasing unto me to hear. 3. "Strive, My Son, to do another's will rather than thine own. Choose always to have less rather than more. Seek always after the lowest place, and to be subject to all. Wish always and pray that the will of God be fulfilled in thee. Behold, such a man as this entereth into the inheritance of peace and quietness." 4. O my Lord, this Thy short discourse
Thomas A Kempis—Imitation of Christ

They all Hold Swords, Being Expert in War; Every Man Hath his Sword Upon his Thigh Because of Fear in the Night.
They all hold swords to engage in combat with the soul which, by a secret presumption, attributes to self what belongs to God only; and this causes them to exclaim with united voice; Who is like unto God? The Divine Righteousness is the first that comes to fight with and destroy the self-righteousness of the creature, and then comes strength to bring to naught the power of man, and causing him to enter by experience of his own infinite weakness into the strength of the Lord (Psalm lxxi. 16), teaches
Madame Guyon—Song of Songs of Solomon

Cross References
Matthew 27:1
Now when morning came, all the chief priests and the elders of the people conferred together against Jesus to put Him to death;

Psalm 31:13
For I have heard the slander of many, Terror is on every side; While they took counsel together against me, They schemed to take away my life.

Psalm 41:8
"A wicked thing is poured out upon him, That when he lies down, he will not rise up again."

Psalm 56:6
They attack, they lurk, They watch my steps, As they have waited to take my life.

Psalm 83:3
They make shrewd plans against Your people, And conspire together against Your treasured ones.

Psalm 109:20
Let this be the reward of my accusers from the LORD, And of those who speak evil against my soul.

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