Hebrews 10:3
Parallel Verses
New International Version
But those sacrifices are an annual reminder of sins.

King James Bible
But in those sacrifices there is a remembrance again made of sins every year.

Darby Bible Translation
But in these [there is] a calling to mind of sins yearly.

World English Bible
But in those sacrifices there is a yearly reminder of sins.

Young's Literal Translation
but in those sacrifices is a remembrance of sins every year,

Hebrews 10:3 Parallel
Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

Would they not have ceased to be offered? - Had they made an effectual reconciliation for the sins of the world, and contained in their once offering a plenitude of permanent merit, they would have ceased to be offered, at least in reference to any individual who had once offered them; because, in such a case, his conscience would be satisfied that its guilt had been taken away. But no Jew pretended to believe that even the annual atonement cancelled his sin before God; yet he continued to make his offerings, the law of God having so enjoined, because these sacrifices pointed out that which was to come. They were offered, therefore, not in consideration of their own efficacy, but as referring to Christ; See on Hebrews 9:9 (note).

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

a remembrance.

Hebrews 9:7 But into the second went the high priest alone once every year, not without blood, which he offered for himself...

Exodus 30:10 And Aaron shall make an atonement on the horns of it once in a year with the blood of the sin offering of atonements...

Leviticus 16:6-11,21,22,29,30,34 And Aaron shall offer his bullock of the sin offering, which is for himself, and make an atonement for himself, and for his house...

Leviticus 23:27,28 Also on the tenth day of this seventh month there shall be a day of atonement: it shall be an holy convocation to you...

Numbers 29:7-11 And you shall have on the tenth day of this seventh month an holy convocation; and you shall afflict your souls...

1 Kings 17:18 And she said to Elijah, What have I to do with you, O you man of God? are you come to me to call my sin to remembrance...

Matthew 26:28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

July 17. "By one Offering He Hath Perfected Forever them that are Sanctified" (Heb. x. 14).
"By one offering He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified" (Heb. x. 14). Are you missing what belongs to you? He has promised to sanctify you. He has promised sanctification for you by coming to you Himself and being made of God to you sanctification. Jesus is my sanctification. Having Him I have obedience, rest, patience and everything I need. He is alive forevermore. If you have Him nothing can be against you. Your temptations will not be against you; your bad temper will not be against
Rev. A. B. Simpson—Days of Heaven Upon Earth

June the Fourteenth the Law in the Heart
"I will put My laws into their hearts." --HEBREWS x. 16-22. Everything depends on where we carry the law of the Lord. If it only rests in the memory, any vagrant care may snatch it away. The business of the day may wipe it out as a sponge erases a record from a slate. A thought is never secure until it has passed from the mind into the heart, and has become a desire, an aspiration, a passion. When the law of God is taken into the heart, it is no longer something merely remembered: it is something
John Henry Jowett—My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year

The Inward Laws
I will put My laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them. Their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.' (Hebrews x. 16, 17.) The beginnings of religion lie in the desire to have our sins forgiven, and to be enabled to avoid doing the wrong things again. It was so with David when, in the fifty-first Psalm, he not only cried, 'Have mercy upon me, O God, and blot out my transgressions', but 'Wash me, cleanse me from my sin'. Sin is a double evil. On the one hand, it creates
T. H. Howard—Standards of Life and Service

Like one of Us.
"But a body Thou hast prepared Me."-- Heb. x. 5. The completion of the Old Testament did not finish the work that the Holy Spirit undertook for the whole Church. The Scripture may be the instrument whereby to act upon the consciousness of the sinner and to open his eyes to the beauty of the divine life, but it can not impart that life to the Church. Hence it is followed by another work of the Holy Spirit, viz., the preparation of the body of Christ. The well-known words of Psalm xl. 6, 7: "Sacrifice
Abraham Kuyper—The Work of the Holy Spirit

Cross References
John 2:17
His disciples remembered that it is written: "Zeal for your house will consume me."

Hebrews 9:7
But only the high priest entered the inner room, and that only once a year, and never without blood, which he offered for himself and for the sins the people had committed in ignorance.

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