Joshua 5:11
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New International Version
The day after the Passover, that very day, they ate some of the produce of the land: unleavened bread and roasted grain.

King James Bible
And they did eat of the old corn of the land on the morrow after the passover, unleavened cakes, and parched corn in the selfsame day.

Darby Bible Translation
And they ate of the old corn of the land on the morrow after the passover, unleavened loaves, and roasted [corn] on that same day.

World English Bible
They ate unleavened cakes and parched grain of the produce of the land on the next day after the Passover, in the same day.

Young's Literal Translation
and they eat of the old corn of the land on the morrow of the passover, unleavened things and roasted corn, in this self-same day;

Joshua 5:11 Parallel
Clarke's Commentary on the Bible

They did eat of the old corn of the land - The Hebrew word עבור abur, which we translate old corn, occurs only in this place in such a sense, if that sense be legitimate. The noun, though of doubtful signification, is evidently derived from עבר abar, to pass over, to go beyond; and here it may be translated simply the produce, that which passes from the land into the hands of the cultivator; or according to Cocceius, what passes from person to person in the way of traffic; hence bought corn, what they purchased from the inhabitants of the land.

On the morrow after the passover - That is, on the fifteenth day; for then the feast of unleavened bread began. But they could neither eat bread, nor parched corn, nor green ears, till the first-fruits of the harvest had been waved at the tabernacle; (see Leviticus 23:9, etc.); and therefore in this case we may suppose that the Israelites had offered a sheaf of the barley-harvest, the only grain that was then ripe, before they ate of the unleavened cakes and parched corn.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

old corn The people would find abundance of old corn in the deserted granaries of the affrighted inhabitants: and the barley harvest being ripe, after offering the sheaf of first-fruits, they ate also new parched corn; and thus the manna being no longer necessary, ceased, after having been sent them regularly for almost forty years. To Christians the manna for their souls shall never fail, till they arrive at the Canaan above, to feast on its rich and inexhaustible provisions.

unleavened cakes

Exodus 12:18-20 In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month at even, you shall eat unleavened bread...

Exodus 13:6,7 Seven days you shall eat unleavened bread, and in the seventh day shall be a feast to the LORD...

Leviticus 23:6,14 And on the fifteenth day of the same month is the feast of unleavened bread to the LORD: seven days you must eat unleavened bread...

The Captain of the Lord's Host
And he said, Nay, but as captain of the host of the Lord am I now come. JOSHUA v. 14. The army of Israel was just beginning a hard conflict under an untried leader. Behind them the Jordan barred their retreat, in front of them Jericho forbade their advance. Most of them had never seen a fortified city, and had no experience nor engines for a siege. So we may well suppose that many doubts and fears shook the courage of the host, as it drew around the doomed city. Their chief had his own heavy burden.
Alexander Maclaren—Expositions of Holy Scripture

Stones Crying Out
'For the priests which bare the ark stood in the midst of Jordan, until every thing was finished that the Lord commanded Joshua to speak unto the people, according to all that Moses commanded Joshua: and the people hasted and passed over. 11. And it came to pass, when all the people were clean passed over, that the ark of the Lord passed over, and the priests, in the presence of the people. 12. And the children of Reuben, and the children of Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh, passed over armed
Alexander Maclaren—Expositions of Holy Scripture

Cross References
Numbers 15:19
and you eat the food of the land, present a portion as an offering to the LORD.

Joshua 5:10
On the evening of the fourteenth day of the month, while camped at Gilgal on the plains of Jericho, the Israelites celebrated the Passover.

Joshua 5:12
The manna stopped the day after they ate this food from the land; there was no longer any manna for the Israelites, but that year they ate the produce of Canaan.

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