Job 6
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Job Replies: My Complaint Is Just

1But Job answered and said,

2Oh that one would indeed weigh the wrath that is upon me, and take up my griefs in a balance together!

3And verily they would be heavier than the sand by the seashore: but, as it seems, my words are vain.

4For the arrows of the Lord are in my body, whose violence drinks up my blood: whenever I am going to speak, they pierce me.

5What then? will the wild ass bray for nothing, if he is not seeking food? or again, will the ox low at the manger, when he has a fodder?

6Shall bread be eaten without salt? or again, is there taste in empty words?

7For my wrath cannot cease; for I perceive my food as the smell of a lion to be loathsome.

8For oh that he would grant my desire, and my petition might come, and the Lord would grant my hope!

9Let the Lord begin and wound me, but let him not utterly destroy me.

10Let the grave be my city, upon the walls of which I have leaped: I will not shrink from it; for I have not denied the holy words of my God.

11For what is my strength, that I continue? what is my time, that my soul endures?

12Is my strength the strength of stones? or is my flesh of brass?

13Or have I not trusted in him? but help is far from me.

14Mercy has rejected me; and the visitation of the Lord has disregarded me.

15My nearest relations have not regarded me; they have passed me by like a failing brook, or like a wave.

16They who used to reverence me, now have come against me like snow or congealed ice.

17When it has melted at the approach of heat, it is not known what it was.

18Thus I also have been deserted of all; and I am ruined, and become an outcast.

19Behold the ways of the Thaemanites, ye that mark the paths of the Sabaeans.

20They too that trust in cities and riches shall come to shame.

21But ye also have come to me without pity; so that beholding my wound ye are afraid.

22What? have I made any demand of you? or do I ask for strength from you,

23to deliver me from enemies, or to rescue me from the hand of the mighty ones?

24Teach ye me, and I will be silent: if in anything I have erred, tell me.

25But as it seems, the words of a true man are vain, because I do not ask strength of you.

26Neither will your reproof cause me to cease my words, for neither will I endure the sound of your speech.

27Even because ye attack the fatherless, and insult your friend.

28But now, having looked upon your countenances, I will not lie.

29Sit down now, and let there not be unrighteousness; and unite again with the just.

30For there is no injustice in my tongue; and does not my throat meditate understanding?

The English translation of The Septuagint by Sir Lancelot Charles Lee Brenton (1851)

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