Genesis 22:5
"Stay here with the donkey," Abraham told his servants. "The boy and I will go over there to worship, and then we will return to you."
Helps and Hindrances of a Christian LifeH. T. Miller.Genesis 22:5
LessonsG. Hughes, B. D.Genesis 22:5
A Difficulty RemovedGenesis 22:1-18
Abraham Offering IsaacDe Witt S. Clark.Genesis 22:1-18
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Abraham's SacrificeF. D. Maurice, M. A.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham's SacrificeHomilistGenesis 22:1-18
Abraham's TemptationS. A. Tipple.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham's TemptationThe Congregational PulpitGenesis 22:1-18
Abraham's Temptation and ObedienceC. Bradley, M. A.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham's TrialCanon Rowsell.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham's TrialC. Ness.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham's TrialA. McAuslane, D. D.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham's TrialF. W. Robertson, M. A.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham's Trial, Obedience, and RewardJ. C. Gray.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham's VictoryHomilistGenesis 22:1-18
An Educational CommandKurtz.Genesis 22:1-18
Faith Tested and CrownedA. Maclaren, D. D.Genesis 22:1-18
Faith's TrialD. F. Jarman, M. A.Genesis 22:1-18
Human Sacrifices Among the HeathenJ. O. Dykes, D. D.Genesis 22:1-18
Lessons from the Trial of AbrahamJ. W. Atkinson.Genesis 22:1-18
Mature FaithSpurgeon, Charles HaddonGenesis 22:1-18
Perfect FaithF. Hastings.Genesis 22:1-18
Sacrificial ObedienceThe Congregational PulpitGenesis 22:1-18
Temptation a TestNewman Hall, LL. B.Genesis 22:1-18
Temptation a TrialGenesis 22:1-18
The Appointed Sacrifice; Or, Abraham's FaithW. S. Smith, B. D.Genesis 22:1-18
The Claims of Divinity and Humanity ReconciledH. T. Edwards, M. A.Genesis 22:1-18
The Crucial TestJ. Parker, D. D.Genesis 22:1-18
The Gospel of Abraham's Sacrifice of IsaacSpurgeon, Charles HaddonGenesis 22:1-18
The Greatest Trial of AllF. B. Meyer, B. A.Genesis 22:1-18
The Offering of IsaacJ. Parker, D. D.Genesis 22:1-18
The OrdealThe Evangelical PreacherGenesis 22:1-18
The Temptation of AbrahamAnon.Genesis 22:1-18
The Trial of AbrahamJ. Kennedy, D. D.Genesis 22:1-18
The Trial of AbrahamSketches of SermonsGenesis 22:1-18
The Trial of Abraham's FaithT. H. Leale.Genesis 22:1-18
The Tried of Abraham's FaithW. H. Davison.Genesis 22:1-18
Trial of AbrahamN. Emmons, D. D.Genesis 22:1-18
Trial of Abraham's FaithE. S. Atwood.Genesis 22:1-18
Trial of Abraham's FaithD. C. Hughes, M. A.Genesis 22:1-18
Trials Reveal God to UsDr. Talmage.Genesis 22:1-18
Abraham a sojourner in that land, afterwards the troubler of Israel; for his sake as discipline, for their sakes as opportunity.

1. God's care for those beyond the covenant. A Beersheba in a heathen land.

2. The things of this world made a channel of higher blessings. The covenant arising out of bodily wants a civil agreement. The oath a testimony to God where reverently made.

3. He is not far from every one of us. The neighborhood of Beersheba, the revelation of Jehovah, the little company of believers.

4. The blessing made manifest. The days spent in Philistia left behind them some enlightenment.

5. Adaptation of Divine truth to those to whom it is sent. Abraham's name of God, Jehovah El Olam; the two revelations, the God of nature and the God of grace. The name of the Lord itself an invitation to believe and live. Paul at Athens adapted himself in preaching to the people's knowledge while leading them to faith. - R.

Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship.
I. In the path of faith, HUMAN HELP IS PROFITABLE.

II. In the path of faith, HUMAN HELP IS LIMITED.



(H. T. Miller.)

1. Saints bent to the work of God will turn anything back that may trouble them in it.

2. Inferior things may and must be inhibited by souls above them in case of hindering from God.

3. Saints freed from incumbrances do speed to duties.

4. Humble submission to the hardest part of worship will God's servants readily yield. Both Abraham and Isaac.

5. Return to relations, and relation duties is just after the worship of God.

6. Better events come after believing worship sometimes than saints are aware of.

(G. Hughes, B. D.)

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