Genesis 29:21
Finally Jacob said to Laban, "Grant me my wife, for my time is complete, and I want to sleep with her."
Evil Result of Laban's FraudM. M. Kalisch, Ph. D.Genesis 29:21-28
Laban's DeceitM. M. Kalisch, Ph. D.Genesis 29:21-28
Laban's Fraud on JacobT. H. Leale.Genesis 29:21-28
LessonsG. Hughes, B. D.Genesis 29:21-28
Jacob Among His Mother's KindredR.A. Redford Genesis 29
And Jacob served seven years for Rachel, &c.

I. THE INWARD SPRING OF THE OUTWARD LIFE. Power of the heart over the will, over the circumstances, over flesh. Time measured by the motions of our thought. The world needs to be taught that the material rests on the immaterial.

II. THE SERVICE OF LOVE THE CONSECRATION AND CONSUMMATION OF HUMAN ENERGY. Christ the highest object of affection. The life of his servant compared with the life of selfish caprice.

III. THE GREAT EXAMPLE OF LOVE SUGGESTED. Jacob a type of Christ; Rachel, of his Church. He served for her. His love made obedience, even unto death, his delight.

IV. SPECIAL TRIAL HAS ITS SPECIAL REWARD. Jacob served doubly for Rachel; but his service was amply paid afterwards, although for a time the veil of disappointment hid the purpose of God. While Leah, as the mother of Judah, was the true ancestress of Messiah, still it was in Joseph, the son of Rachel, that Jacob's heart was satisfied, and that the history of the kingdom of God was most manifestly carried on and its glory set forth. As in the case of Sarah and Rebekah, so in that of Rachel, the birth of the representative seed is connected with special bestowments of grace. - R.

He took Leah his daughter, and brought her to him.

1. Deliberate.

2. Bold.

3. Selfish.

II. THE FRAUD CONSIDERED AS A RETRIBUTION. There are sins which in this world are often punished in kind.

(T. H. Leale.)

1. The day revealeth that evil usually which the night covereth, sin may hide itself a little while till the morning.

2. Seeming Rachel over night is found Leah in the morning. Fair offers to be deceits.

3. Honest souls, though drawn into error, are full of indignation against it, and the cursors of it when discovered.

4. Plain covenant work is sufficient to convince deceivers that forsake

5. Service for Rachel should have Rachel for its reward.

6. It is gross falsehood and deceit to deny covenant reward, and adulterate it with worse (ver. 25).

(G. Hughes, B. D.)

This discloses a baseness in Laban's character, arousing contempt and aversion; but it ought not to blind us against the redeeming qualities of his heart. In the human mind, fragrant flowers often blossom surprisingly by the side of noxious weeds. The deceit of Laban was practicable, on account of the custom by which the bride is, on the day of marriage, conducted veiled to her future husband.

(M. M. Kalisch, Ph. D.)

But the fraud of Laban was not only a moral offence in itself; it was the more deplorable, as it destroyed the principle of monogamy to which the patriarchs on the whole adhered. Jacob had intended to marry Rachel alone; and when he found himself, against his will, allied with Leah, his heart could not renounce her from whom he expected the best part of his happiness; he took her to wife besides Leah; nor was he permitted to dismiss the latter after the solemnization of the marriage.

(M. M. Kalisch, Ph. D.)

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