1 Samuel 9
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Saul Chosen as King

1And there will be a man of Benjamin, and his name Kish, son of Abiel, son of Zeror, son of Bechorah, son of Aphiah, son of a man, a Jaminite, a man of strength. 2And to him was a son and his name Saul, a young man and good: and not a man of the sons of Israel good above him: from his shoulder and from above, high above all the people.

3And the she asses of Kish, Saul's father, will be lost: and Kish will say to Saul, his son, Take now with thee one of the boys, and arise, Go seek the asses. 4And he will pass over in mount Ephraim, and he will pass over into the land of Shalisha, and they found not: and they will pass over into the land of Shalim, and not there: and he will pass over into the land of the Jaminite, and they found not.

5They went into the land of Zuph, and Saul said to his boy that was with him, Come, and we will turn back, lest my father shall leave from the asses, and be afraid for us. 6And he will say to him, Behold now, a man of God in this city, and the man honored; all which he shall speak, coming, will come: now we will go there, perhaps he will announce to us our way which we went upon it. 7And Saul will say to his boy, And behold, we will go, and what shall we bring to the man? for the bread departed from our vessels, and not a gift to bring to the man of God: what with us? 8And the boy will add to answer Saul, and he will say, Behold, we shall find in my hand the fourth of a shekel of silver: and I gave it to the man of God and he announced to us our way. 9Before in Israel thus said the man in his going to inquire of God, Come, and we will go even to him seeing, for a prophet this day he will be called; before him seeing. 10And Saul will say to his boy, Thy word was good; going, we will go: and they will go to the city where was the man of God there.

11They going up in the ascent of the city and they found girls going forth to draw water, and they will say to them, Is he seeing, here? 12And they will answer them and will say, He is; behold, before thee: hasten now, for this day he came to the city for a sacrifice this day to the people Bamah. 13As you come to the city thus ye shall find him, before he will go up to Bamah to eat: for the people will not eat till his coming, for he will bless the sacrifice; after this they being called will eat. And now go up, for this day ye shall find him. 14And they will go up to the city: they coming into the midst of the city, and behold, Samuel coming forth to meet them, to go up to Bamah.

15And Jehovah revealed in the ear of Samuel one day, before Saul came, saying, 16About the time to-morrow I will send to thee a man from the land of Benjamin, and anoint him for leader over my people Israel; he shall save my people from the hand of Philisteim; for I saw my people, for their cry came to me. 17And Samuel saw Saul, and Jehovah answered him, Behold the man that I said to thee, He shall rule over my people. 18And Saul will draw near to Samuel in the midst of the gate, and he will say, Announce to me, now, where the house of him seeing. 19And Samuel will answer Saul, and say, I the seeing: go up before me to Bamah, and eat with me this day, and I will send thee away in the morrow, and all that is in thy heart I will announce to thee. 20And for the asses lost to thee this day three days, thou shall not set thy heart upon them, for they have been found. And to whom all the desire of Israel? is it not to thee and to all thy father's house? 21And Saul will answer and say, Am not I a son of the Jaminite, from the littleness of the tribes of Israel, and my family small more than all the families of the tribes of Benjamin and wherefore spakest thou to me according to this word?

22And Samuel will take Saul and his boy, and will bring them to the chamber, and will give to them place among the first of those being called, and they about thirty men. 23And Samuel will say to the cook, Thou shalt give the portion which I gave to thee, which I said to thee, Put it with thee. 24And the cook will lift up the leg and that upon it, and will set before Saul. And he will say, Behold that being left set before thee: eat, for to the appointment being watched for thee, saying, I called the people. And Saul will eat with Samuel in that day.

25And they will go down from Bamah to the city, and he will speak to Saul upon the roof. 26And they will rise early: and it will be about the hind of the dawn, and Samuel will call to Saul to the roof, saying, Arise, and I will send thee away. And Saul will arise, and they two will go forth, he and Samuel without. 27They coming down to the extremity of the city, and Samuel said to Saul, Say to the boy, Pass over before us: and he will pass over: and thou stand according to the day, and I will cause thee to hear the word of God.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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