Genesis 47
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Jacob Settles in Goshen

1And Joseph will come and announce to Pharaoh, and will say, My father and my brethren, and their sheep and their cattle and all which is to them, came from the land of Canaan, and behold, in the land of Goshen. 2And he took from the whole number of his brethren five men and set them before Pharaoh. 3And Pharaoh will say to his brethren, What your work? and they will say to Pharaoh, Thy servants were feeding sheep, also we, also our fathers. 4And they will say to Pharaoh, To sojourn in the land we came: for no pasture is to the sheep which are to thy servants, for the famine was heavy in the land of Canaan: and at this time now will thy servants dwell in the land of Goshen. 5And Pharaoh will speak to Joseph, saying, Thy father and thy brethren came to thee. 6This land of Egypt is before thee; in the best of the land cause thy father and thy brethren to dwell; they shall dwell in the land of Goshen; and if thou knowest and there is among them men of strength, set them leaders of the cattle which are to me.

7And Joseph will bring Jacob his father and will set him before Pharaoh, and Jacob will bless Pharaoh. 8And Pharaoh will say to Jacob, How many the days of the years of thy life? 9And Jacob will say to Pharaoh, The days of the years of my sojourning, thirty and a hundred years: little and evil were the days of the years of my life, and they reached not the days of the years of the life of my fathers in their sojournings. 10And Jacob will bless Pharaoh, and he will go out from before Pharaoh. 11And Joseph will place his father and his brethren, and will give to them possession in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land, in the land of Rameses, according to what Pharaoh commanded. 12And Joseph will nourish his father and his brethren, and all the house of his father, with bread according to the mouth of the little ones.

The Famine Continues

13And no bread in all the land; for the famine was heavy exceedingly, and the land of Egypt was exhausted, and the land of Canaan, from before the famine. 14And Joseph will gather together all the silver being found in the land of Egypt and in the land of Canaan, for the grain which they bought: and Joseph will bring the silver to the house of Pharaoh. 15And the silver will be spent from the land of Egypt and from the land of Canaan; and all the Egyptians will go to Joseph, saying, Give to us bread: and for what shall we die before thee? for the silver failed. 16And Joseph will say, Give your cattle; and I will give to you for your cattle if silver failed. 17And they will bring their cattle to Joseph, and Joseph will give to them bread for horses, and for the possession of the sheep, and for the possession of the cattle, and for the asses; and he will feed them with bread, for all their cattle for that year. 18And that year will be ended, and they will come to him in the second year, and will say to him, We will not hide from my lord if the silver was spent; and the possession of the cattle to my lord; and there was not left before my lord except but our bodies and our lands. 19For what shall we die before thine eyes, also we, also our land? buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants to Pharaoh: and give seed, and we shall live and not die, and the land shall not be laid waste.

20And Joseph will buy all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold each his field, for the famine was strong over them: and the land will be to Pharaoh. 21And the people, he made them pass over to the cities from the extremity of the bounds of Egypt, and even to the extremity. 22Only the land of the priests he bought not; for to the priests a portion from Pharaoh, and they ate their portion which Pharaoh gave to them; for this they sold not their lands. 23And Joseph will say to the people, Behold, I bought you this day and your land for Pharaoh: lo, seed for you, and sow ye the land. 24And it was in the produce, and ye gave the fifth to Pharaoh, and four parts shall be to you, for the seed of the field and for your food, and for those in your houses, and for food to your little ones. 25And they will say, Thou didst preserve us alive: shall we find grace in the eyes of my lord, we were servants to Pharaoh. 26And Joseph set it for an ordinance to this day, of the land of Egypt, for a fifth to Pharaoh; only the land of the priests alone was not to Pharaoh.

The Israelites Prosper in Goshen

27And Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt in the land of Goshen; and they will have possession in it, and be fruitful, and will multiply greatly. 28And Jacob will live in the land of Egypt seventeen years: and the days of the years of the life of Jacob will be seven years and forty years, and a hundred years.

29And the days of Israel will draw near to die: and he will call to his son Joseph, and will say to him, If now I found grace in thine eyes, put now thy hand under my thigh, and thou shalt do to me kindness and truth: now thou shalt not bury me in Egypt. 30I will lie down with my fathers, and thou shalt lift me up out of Egypt, and thou shalt bury me in their grave. And he will say, I will do according to thy word. 31And he will say, Swear to me. And he will swear to him. And Israel will worship upon the head of the rod.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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