Deuteronomy 2
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Wanderings in the Wilderness

1Then we turned and toke oure iurney in to the wildernesse, euen the waye to the red see as the Lord comaunded me. And we compassed the mountayns of Seir a loge tyme 2The the Lorde spake vnto me saienge: 3Ye haue copassed this mountayns loge ynough, turne you northwarde. 4And warne the people sayenge: Ye shall goo thorow the costes of youre brethern the childern of Esau which dwell in Seir, and they shalbe afrayed of you: But take good hede vnto youre selues that 5ye prouoke the not, for I wil not geue you of their lode, no not so moch as a fote breadeth: because I haue geue mount Seir vnto Esau to possesse. 6Ye shall bye meate of the for money to eate and ye shall bye water of the for money to drike. 7For the Lorde thy God hath blessed the in all the workes of thine hade, ad knew the as thou wetest thorow this greate wildernesse. Moreouer the Lorde thi God hath bene with the this .xl yeres, so that thou hast lacked nothinge.

8And whe we were departed from oure brethern the childern of Esau which dwelt in Seir by the felde waye from Elath ad Ezion Gaber, we turned ad went the waye to the wildernesse of Moab. 9The the Lorde sayed vnto me se that thou vexe not the Moabites, nethet prouoke the to batayle for I will not geue the of their lode to possesse: because I haue geue Ar vnto the childern of loth to possesse. 10The Emimes dwelt there in in tymes past, a people greate, many ad tal, as the Enakimes: 11which also were take for geantes as the Enakimes: And the Moabites called the Emymes. 12In like maner the Horimes dwelt in Seir before time which the childern of Esau cast out, ad destroyed the before them and dwelt there in their stede: as Israel dyd in the londe of his possessio which the Lorde gaue them 13Now ryse vpp (sayed I) ad get you ouer the ryuer Zared: ad we went ouer the ryuer Zared. 14The space in which we came from Cades bernea vntill we were come ouer the ryuer Zared was .xxxviij. yeres: vntill all the generacion of the men of warre were wasted out of the host as the Lorde sware vnto the. 15For in dede the hande of the Lorde was agest the, to destroye them out of the host, till they were consumed.

16And as soone as all the men of warre were consumed and deed from amonge the people, 17then the Lorde spake vnto me sayenge. 18Thou shalt goo thorow Ar the coste of Moab this daye, 19and shalt come nye vnto the childern of Ammon: se that thou vexe them not, nor yet prouoke them. For I will not geue the of the londe of the childern of Ammon to possesse, because I haue geuen it vnto the childern of loth to possesse. 20That also was taken for a londe of geauntes and geauntes dwelt therim in olde tyme, and the Ammonites called them Zamzumyms. 21A people that was great, many and taule, as the Enakyms. But the Lorde destroyed them before the Ammonites, and they cast them out and they dwelt there i their steade: 22as he dyd for the childern of Esau which dwell in Seir: eue as he destroyed the horyms before them, ad they cast them out and dwell in their steade vnto this daye. 23And the Avims which dwelt in Hazarim eue vnto Aza, the Caphthoryms which came out of Caphthor destroyed them and dwelt in their rowmes.

The Defeat of Sihon
(Numbers 21:21–30)

24Ryse vp, take youre yourney and goo ouer the ryuer Arnon. Beholde, I haue geuen in to thy had Siho the Amorite kynge of Hesbo, ad his londe. Goo to and conquere and prouoke hi to batayle. 25This daye I will begynne to send the feare and dreade of the vppon all nacions that are vnder al portes of heauen: so that whe they heare speake of the, they shall tremble and quake for feare of the.

26Then I sent messengers out of the wildernesse of kedemoth vnto Syhon kynge of Hesbon, with wordes of peace saynge: 27Let me goo thorow thy londe. I will goo allweyes alonge by the hye waye and will nether turne vnto the righte hande nor to the left. 28Sell me meate for money for to eate, and geue me drinke for money for to drynke: I will goo thorowe by fote only 29(as the childern of Esau dyd vnto me whiche dwell in Seir and the Moabites whiche dwell in Ar) vntyll I be come ouer Iordayne, in to the londe which the Lorde oure God geueth vs. 30But Sihon the kinge of Hesbon wolde not let vs passe by him, for the Lord thy God had hardened his sprite and made his herte tough because he wold delyuer him in to thy hondes as it is come to passe this daye. 31And the Lorde sayed vnto me: beholde, I haue begonne to set Sihon and his londe before the: goo to and conquere, that thou mayst possesse his londe.

32Then both Sihon and all his people came out agenst vs vnto batayle at Iahab. 33And the Lorde set him before vs, and we smote hym and his sonnes and all hys people. 34And we toke all his cities the same season, and destroyed all the cities with men, wemen, and childern ad let nothinge remayne, 35saue the catell only we caught vnto oure selues and the spoyle of the cities which we toke, 36from Aroer vppon the brynke off the riuer off Arnon, and the citie in the ryuer, vnto Gilead: there was not one citye to stronge for vs. The Lorde oure God delyuered all vnto vs: 37only vnto the londe of the childern of Ammon ye came not, nor vnto all the coste of the riuer Iabock ner vnto the cities in the mountaynes, nor vnto what soeuer the Lorde oure God forbade vs.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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