Deuteronomy 7
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Drive Out the Nations

1Whe the Lorde thy God hath brought the in to the lond whither thou goest to possesse it, and hath cast out manye nacions before the: the Hethites, the Girgosites, the Amorites, the Cananites, the Pheresites, the Heuites and the Iebusites: vij. nacions moo in numbre ad mightier than thou: 2ad whe the Lorde thy God hath sett them before the that thou shuldest smyte them se that thou vtterly destroye them and make no couenaunt with them nor haue compassion on them. 3Also thou shalt make no mariages with them, nether geue thy doughter vnto his sonne nor take his doughter vnto thy sonne. 4For they will make youre sonnes departe fro me and serue straunge Goddes, and then will the wrath off the Lorde waxe whote vppon you ad destroye you shortely. 5But thus ye shall deale with them: ouerthrowe their alters, breake doune their pilers, cut doune their groves ad burne their ymages with fyre. 6For thou art an holy nacion vnto the Lorde thy God the Lorde thy God hath chosen the to be a seuerall people vnto him silf of all nacions that are vppon the erth.

7It was not because of the multitude of you aboue all nacions, that the Lorde had lust vnto you and chose you. For ye were fewest of all nacions: 8But because the Lorde loued you and because he wolde kepe the othe which he had sworne vnto youre fathers, therfore he brought you out of Egipte with a mightie hande ad delyuered you out of the housse of bondage: eue fro the hande of Pharao kinge of Egipte. 9Vnderstonde therfore, that the Lorde thy God he is God and that a true God, which kepeth poyntment and mercy vnto them that loue him and kepe his commaundmentes, euen thorowe out a thousande generacions 10and rewardeth them that hate him before his face so that he bringeth them to noughte, and wil not defferre the tyme vnto him that hateth hi but will rewarde him before his face. 11Kepe therfore the commaundmentes, ordinaunces and lawes which I commaunde you this daye, that ye doo them.

The Promises of God
(Exodus 23:20–33)

12Yf ye shall herken vnto these lawes ad shall obserue and do them, then shall the Lorde thy God kepe poyntment with the and the mercy which he swore vnto thy fathers 13and will loue the, blesse the and multiplye the: he will blesse the frute of thy wombe and the frute of thi felde, thy corne, thy wyne and thy oyle, the frute of thyne oxen and the flockes of thy shepe in the londe which he swore vnto thy fathers to geue the. 14Thou shalt be blessed aboue all nacions, there shalbe nether man nor woman vnfrutefull amonge you, nor any thinge vnfrutefull amonge youre catell. 15Moreouer the Lorde will turne from the all maner infirmityes, and will put none off the euell dyseases off Egipte (whiche thou knowest) apon the, but wyll sende them vppon them that hate the. 16Thou shalt bringe to nought all nacions which the Lorde thy God delyuereth the, thyne eye shall haue no pitie vppon them nether shalt thou serue their goddes, for that shalbe thy decaye.

17Yf thou shalt saye in thine hert these nacions are moo than I, how ca I cast them out? 18Feare the not, but remebre what the Lorde thy god dyd vnto Pharao ad vnto all Egipte, 19ad the greate temptacions which thine eyes sawe, ad the signes ad wonders ad mightie hade ad stretched out arme wherewith the Lord thy god broughte the out: eue so shall the Lorde thy God doo vnto all the nacions of which thou art afrayed. 20Thereto, the Lorde thy God will send hornettes amonge them vntyll they that are lefte, and hyde them selues fro the, be destroyed. 21Se thou feare the not for the lord thi god is amog you a mightie god ad a terrible. 22The Lord thy god will put out these nacios before the a litle ad a litle: thou maist not cosume the at oce lest the beestes of the felde encrease vpo the. 23And the lorde thy god shall delyuer the vnto the ad sterre vp a mightie tepest amoge the, vntil thei be brought to nought. 24And he shal deliuer their kinges in to thine hade, ad thou shalt destroye their names fro vnder heaue. There shal no ma stonde before the, vntill thou haue destroyed them. 25The images of their goddes thou shalt burne with fire, ad se that thou couet not the syluer or golde that is on them nor take it vnto the, lest thou be snared therewith. For it is an abhominacyon vnto the Lorde thy God. 26Brynge not therfore the abhominacyon to thyne housse, lest thou be a damned thynge as it is: but vtterlye defye it and abhorre it, for it is a thinge that must be destroyed.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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