Psalm 74
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
1God, why have you forgotten me forever and have hardened your wrath against the sheep of your pasture?

2Remember your congregation which you have possessed from the first, and you have saved the tribe of your inheritance, this Mount Zion in which you have dwelt.

3Lift your Servants above those who are taken by your might - everyone who oppresses is the enemy of your Holiness.

4Your enemies are boisterous within your assembly day; they have made their ensigns the signs.

5And you know as The Exalted One above.

6They hewed down the doors together with axes, like a forest of trees with axes and with hammers.

7They took and burned your holy place with fire and they defiled the Tabernacle of your Name in the land.

8They said in her heart, "We will destroy them together and we will destroy all the feast days of God from the land".

9They have not seen their signs; there is no more a Prophet, neither is there a wise man with us.

10How long, oh God, does the enemy reproach and rage against your Name - forever?

11Why have you turned your hand and your right hand from within your assembly?

12Our God is King who has performed salvation in the midst of the Earth.

13You have separated the sea in your might and you have broken the heads of the dragons in the waters.

14You broke the heads of Leviathan and you have given food to the mighty people.

15You shook the springs in the valleys; you dried up mighty rivers.

16The day is yours and yours is the night; you have prepared the light and the sun.

17You set all the boundaries of the Earth; summer and winter, you have created them.

18Lord Jehovah has remembered the reproach of the enemy; a foolish people angered your Name.

19You will not give the soul that confesses you to destruction and you will never forget the souls of your poor.

20Look, Lord Jehovah, at your covenant, because the dwellings of the Earth are filled with darkness and evil.

21Let not the poor remain ashamed; let the afflicted and the poor praise your Name.

22Rise up, oh God, and judge your judgment and remember your reproach from the fools every day.

23Do not forget the voice of your enemies and the tumult which is always rising up of those who stand against you.

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