2 Chronicles 15
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The Prophecy of Azariah

1And the spirite of God came on Azaria the sonne of Obed, 2And he went out to meete Asa, and said vnto him: Heare me Asa, and al Iuda and Beniamin, the Lorde is with you, while ye be with him: and when ye seeke him, he wyll be founde of you: and againe when ye forsake him, he also wyll forsake you. 3Nowe for a long season Israel hath ben without the true God, and without priestes to teache, and without law. 4And when any man in his trouble did turne vnto the Lorde God of Israel and sought him, he was found of them. 5And in that time there was no peace to him that did go out and in, but great sedition was there among all the inhabiters of the earth. 6And nation was destroyed of nation, and citie of citie: for God did moue all aduersitie among them. 7Play ye therefore the men, and let not your handes slacke: for your worke shal be rewarded.

Asa’s Reforms
(1 Kings 15:9–15)

8And when Asa heard those wordes, and the prophecie of Azaria the sonne of Obed the prophete, he toke courage, and put away the abhominable idols out of all the lande of Iuda and Beniamin, and out of the cities which he wan in mount Ephraim, and renued the aulter of the Lorde that was before the porche of the Lorde. 9And he gathered al Iuda and Beniamin, and the straungers with them, out of Ephraim, Manasse, & Simeon: For there fell many to him out of Israel, when they sawe that the Lord his God was with him. 10So they assembled together at Hierusale the third moneth, the fifteenth yere of the raigne of Asa. 11And they offered vnto the Lorde the same time of the spoyle which they had brought, seuen hundred oxen, and seuen thousand sheepe. 12And they made a couenaunt to seeke the Lorde God of their fathers, with all their heart, and all their soule. 13And whosoeuer woulde not seeke the Lorde God of Israel, shoulde dye for it, whether he were small or great, man or woman. 14And they sware vnto the Lorde with a loude voyce, showting and blowing with trumpettes and shawmes. 15And all they in Iuda reioyced at the oth: for they had sworne vnto the Lord with all their heart, & sought him with all their lust, and he was found of them: And the Lorde gaue them rest rounde about on euery syde.

16And king Asa put Maacha his mother out of aucthoritie, because she had made an abhominable idol in a groue: And Asa broke downe her idol, & stamped it, & burnt it at the brooke Cedron. 17But al the high places were not taken away out of Israel, though the heart of Asa was perfect all his dayes. 18And he brought into the house of God the thinges that his father had dedicate, and that he him selfe had dedicate: euen siluer, and golde, and iewels. 19And there was no more warre vnto the thirtie and fiue yere of the raigne of Asa.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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