Daniel 8
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Daniel’s Vision of the Ram and the Goat

1In the third yere of the raigne of king Balthasar, there appeared a vision vnto me euen vnto me Daniel, after that which I had seene in the beginning. 2I saw in a vision (and when I saw it, I was in the palace of Susis, which is in the prouince of Elam) and in the vision me thought I was by the riuer of Ulai. 3Then I loked vp and saw, & beholde, there stoode before the riuer a ramme which had two hornes: and these two hornes were hye, but one was hyer then the other, & the hyest came vp last. 4I saw that this ramme pushed with his hornes against the west, against the north, and against the south: so that no beastes might stand before him, nor defend them from his power, but he did as him listed, and became great.

5And as I considered, beholde there came a hee goate from the west, ouer the whole earth, and touched not the grounde: and this goate had a horne appeared betwixt his eyes. 6And he came vnto the ramme that had the two hornes (whom I had seene standing by the riuer) and ranne fiercely vpon him with his might. 7And I sawe him drawe nye vnto the ramme, being very fierce vpon him, yea he smote the ramme and brake his two hornes, neither had the ramme so much strength as to stande before him: but he cast him downe to the grounde, trode him vnder his feete, & there was none able to deliuer the ramme out of his power. 8Therefore the goate waxed exceeding great, & when he was at the strongest, his great horne was broken: Then grew there other foure notable ones in the steade of it, towarde the foure windes of the heauen.

9And out of one of them came foorth a litle horne, which waxed very great toward the south, toward the east, and toward the pleasaunt lande. 10It grewe vp vnto the hoast of heauen, whereof it did cast some downe to the grounde, and of the starres also, and trode them vnder foote. 11Yea, it grewe vp against the prince of the hoast, from whom the dayly sacrifice was taken away, and the places of his sanctuarie caste downe. 12And power was geuen vnto it ouer the dayly sacrifice for the iniquitie, and it shall cast downe the trueth to the grounde: and thus shall it do, and prosper. 13Upon this, I heard one of the sainctes speaking, and one of the sainctes spake vnto Palmoni, saying: how long shal the vision of the dayly sacrifice and of the iniquitie of desolation endure, to geue both the sanctuarie and the power to be troden vnder foote? 14And he aunswered me: Unto the euening and the morning, two thousand and three hundred: then shal the sanctuarie be cleansed.

Gabriel Interprets Daniel’s Vision

15Now when I Daniel had seene this vision, and sought for the vnderstanding of it: beholde, there stoode before me like the similitude of a man. 16And I heard a mans voyce betweene Ulai, which cryed, and saide: O Gabriel make this man vnderstande the vision. 17So he came and stoode by me: but I was afraide at his comming, and fell downe vpo my face: Then said he vnto me, Understand O thou sonne of man: for at the time of the ende this vision shalbe.

18Now as he was speaking vnto me, I fell in a slumber vpon my face to the grounde: but he touched me, and set me vp in my place. 19And he saide, Beholde, I wyll shewe thee what shalbe in the last wrath: for in the time appoynted it shalbe fulfilled.

20The ramme which thou sawest hauing two hornes, is the king of the Medes and Perses,

21And the goate, is the king of Grecia: and the great horne that is betwixt his eyes, that is the first king. 22But where as it brake, & foure other rose vp in the steade: it signifieth, that out of this people shall stande vp foure kingdomes, but not so mightie as it.

23And in the ende of their kingdome, when the wicked are come to the full, a king of a fierce countenaunce, and vnderstanding harde sentences, shall stand vp.

24His power shalbe mightie, but not in his strength, & he shall destroy wonderfully, he shall prosper & practise, and destroy the mightie and the holy people.

25And through his policie also he shall cause craft to prosper in his handes, he shall extoll him selfe in his heart, and in prosperitie he shall destroy many, & many one shalbe put to death in his wealthinesse: he shall stande vp against the prince of princes, but he shalbe destroyed without hande.

26And the vision of the euening and the morning, which is declared, is true: therfore seale thou vp the vision, for it shalbe after many dayes.

27Upon this was I Daniel feeble, so that I lay sicke certaine dayes: but when I rose vp, I went about ye kinges busines, and was astonied at the vision, neuerthelesse, no man vnderstoode it.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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