Ezekiel 31
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Egypt Will Fall like Assyria

1Moreouer, in the eleuenth yere, the first day of ye third moneth, the worde of the Lord came vnto me, saying,

2Thou sonne of man, speake vnto Pharao king of Egypt, and to all his people: whom art thou lyke in thy greatnesse?

3Behold, Assur is a Cedar in Libanon, with faire braunches, and with thycke shadowing bowes, of a hygh stature, & his top was among the thicke bowes.

4The waters made him great, and the deepe set him vp on hye, with her riuers running rounde about his plantes, and sent out her litle riuers vnto all the trees of the fielde.

5Therefore was he higher then all the trees of the fielde, and his bowes were multiplied, & his braunches were long, because of the multitude of the waters, which the deepe sent out.

6Al foules of the aire made their nestes in his braunches, vnder his bowes did all the beastes of the fielde bring foorth their young, and vnder his shadowe dwelt all mightie nations.

7Beautiful was he in his greatnesse, and in the length of his braunches: for his roote stoode beside great waters.

8No Cedar tree might hyde hym in the garden of God, there was no fyrre trees like his braunches, the chestnut trees were not like the bowes of him: all the trees in the garden of God, might not be compared vnto him in his beautie.

9I made him faire with the multitude of his braunches: insomuch that all the trees in the pleasaunt garden of God had enuie at hym.

10Therefore thus sayth the Lorde God: forsomuch as he hath lift vp him selfe so hye, and hath shot vp his top among the thycke bowes, and his heart is lift vp in his heyght: 11I haue therfore deliuered hym into the handes of the mightiest among the heathen: he shall handle hym, for in his wickednesse haue I cast hym away. 12And straungers haue destroyed hym, euen the terrible nations, and haue left hym: vpon the mountaynes and vpon al valleys haue his bowes fallen, and his bowes are broken by all the riuers of the land: and all the people of the earth are departed from his shadowe, & haue forsaken hym. 13Upon his ruine shall all the foules of the ayre remayne, and all the beastes of the fielde shalbe vpon his braunches. 14So that none of all the trees by the waters shalbe exalted in their heyght, nor shoot vp their toppes among the thycke bowes, neither shall their trees stande in their heyght, as many of them as drinke water: for they are all deliuered vnto death in the neather partes of the earth, in the mids of the children of men among them that go downe to the pit.

15Thus sayth the Lord God: In the day when he went downe to the graue, I caused a lamentation to be made, I couered the deepe for hym, I restrayned the fluddes thereof, and the great waters were stayed, I caused Libanus to mourne for him, and all the trees of the fielde fainted. 16I made the heathen shake at the sound of his fall, when I cast hym downe to hell with them that descend into the pit: all the excellent trees of Eden, & the best of Libanus, all that drinke waters, shalbe comforted in the neather partes of the earth. 17They also went downe to hell with him vnto them that be slayne with the sword, which were his arme and dwelt vnder his shadowe in the middest of the nations.

18To whom art thou thus like in glorie and in greatnesse among the trees of Eden? yet thou shalt be cast downe with the trees of Eden vnto the neather partes of the earth: in the middest of the vncircumcised shalt thou sleepe with them that are slayne with the sworde: This is Pharao and all his multitude, sayth the Lorde God.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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