Habakkuk 2
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The LORD Answers Again

1I will stande vpon my watche, and set me vpon the towre, & will loke, and see what he will say vnto me, and what I shall aunswere to him that rebuketh me.

2And the Lord aunswered me, and said: write the vision, and make it plaine vpon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

3For the vision is yet for an appoynted time, but at the last it shall speake, and not lye: though it tary, wayte: for it shall surely come, and shall not stay.

4Behold, he that lifteth vp him selfe, his minde is not vpright in him: but the iust shall liue by his fayth.

5Yea in deede the proude man is as he that transgresseth by wine, therfore shall he not endure, because he hath enlarged his desire as the hell, & is as death, and can not be satisfied, but gathereth vnto him all nations, and heapeth vnto him all people.

Woe to the Chaldeans

6Shall not all these take vp a parable against him? and a taunting prouerbe against him, and say: Wo he that increaseth that which is not his? how long? and he that ladeth him selfe with thicke clay?

7Shall they not rise vp sodenly that shall byte thee? and awake that shall stirre thee, & thou shalt be their pray?

8Because thou hast spoyled many nations, all the remnaunt of the people shall spoyle thee, because of mens blood, and for the wrong done in the lande, in the citie, and vnto all that dwell therin.

9Wo he that coueteth an euyll couetousnesse to his house, that he may set his nest on hie, to escape from the power of euyll.

10Thou hast consulted shame to thyne owne house, by destroying many people, & hast sinned against thyne owne soule.

11For the stone shall crye out of the wal, and the beame out of the timber shall aunswere it.

12Wo vnto him that buyldeth a towne with blood, and erecteth a citie by iniquitie.

13Behold, is it not of the Lord of hoastes that the people shall labour in the very fire? the people shall euen weery them selues for very vanitie.

14For the earth shalbe filled with the knowledge of the glorie of the Lorde, as the waters couer the sea.

15Wo vnto him that geueth his neyghbour drinke, thou ioynest thy heate, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest see their priuities.

16Thou art filled with shame for glorie, drinke thou also and be made naked: the cup of the Lordes right hand shalbe turned vnto thee, and shamefull spuyng shalbe for thy glorie.

17For the crueltie of Libanus shall couer thee: so shal the spoyle of the beastes which he made afrayde, because of mens blood, and for the wrong done in the land, in the citie, and vnto all that dwell therin.

18What profiteth the image? for the maker therof hath made it an image and a teacher of lyes, though he that made it trust therin when he maketh dumbe idoles.

19Wo vnto hym that sayth to the wood, Awake: and to the dumbe stone, Rise vp, it shall teache thee: beholde it is layde ouer with gold and siluer, & there is no breath in it.

20But the Lord is in his holy temple: let all the earth kepe scilence before hym.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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