Job 13
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Job Prepares His Case

1Lo, all this haue I seene with mine eye, heard with mine eare, and vnderstande it.

2What ye knowe, that same do I know also, neither am I inferior vnto you.

3Neuerthelesse, I talke with the almightie, and my desire is to commune with God.

4As for you, ye are workmaisters of lyes, and vnprofitable phisitians altogether.

5Woulde God ye kept your tongue, for then might ye be taken for wise men.

6Now heare my reasoning, and ponder the argument of my lippes.

7Wyll you speake wickedlie for gods defence and talke deceitfully for his cause?

8Wyll ye accept the person of him? or wyll ye contende for God?

9Shall that helpe you when he calleth you to reckening? For as one man mocketh an other, so do ye mocke him.

10He shall punishe you, and reproue you, if ye do secretly accept any person.

11Shall not his excellencie make you afrayde? Shall not his terrible feare fall vpon you?

12Your remembraunce is lyke vnto a sparke, and your bodies lyke the claye.

13Holde your tongues for my sake, that I also may speake, and my sorowe shalbe the lesse.

14Wherefore do I beare my fleshe in my teeth, and put my soule in myne handes?

15Lo, though he slay me, yet wyl I trust in him: but I wyll reproue myne owne wayes in his sight.

16He shalbe my saluation: for there may no hypocrite come before him.

17Heare diligently my wordes, and ponder my sayinges with your eares.

18Beholde, now haue I prepared my iudgement, and knowe that I shalbe founde righteous.

19What is he that wyll go to lawe with me? if I now holde my tongue I dye.

20Neuerthelesse, graunt me two thinges, and then wyll I not hide my selfe from thee:

21Withdrawe thyne hande from me, and let not the fearefull dreade of thee make me afrayde.

22Then call, and I wyll aunswere: or let me speake, and geue me then an aunswere.

23How many are my misdeedes and sinnes? let me knowe my transgressions and offences.

24Wherefore hidest thou thy face, and holdest me for thyne enemie?

25Wylt thou breake a leafe driuen to and fro, and wilt thou pursue the drye stubble?

26For thou layest sharply to my charge, and punishest me for the sinnes of my youth.

27Thou puttest my feete also in the stockes, and lokest narowly vnto all my pathes, and makest the print thereof in the heeles of my feete:

28And I as a rotten thing do consume away, as a garment that is moth eaten.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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