Job 23
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Job Longs for God

1Iob aunswered, & said:

2Though my talke be this day in bitternesse, and my plague greater then my groning.

3O that I might know him, and finde him, and that I might come before his seate:

4I woulde pleade my cause before hym, and fill my mouth with argumentes:

5I woulde knowe what aunswere he woulde geue me, and vnderstande what he woulde say vnto me.

6Will he pleade against me with his great power? No, but he will make me the stronger.

7There the righteous might dispute with him, so shoulde I be deliuered for euer from my iudge.

8Behold, though I go forwarde I find him not: If I go backwarde, I can get no knowledge of hym:

9If I go on the left side where he doth his worke, I can not attayne vnto him: Againe, if I go on the right side, he hydeth him selfe that I can not see hym.

10But as for my way, he knoweth it, and tryeth me, that as the gold I may come foorth.

11My foote doth kepe his path, his hie way haue I holden, and will not go out of it.

12I will not forsake the commaundement of his lippes, I haue esteemed the wordes of his mouth more then myne appoynted foode.

13He is still at one poynt, and who can turne him? he doth as him listeth, and bringeth to passe what he will.

14He perfourmeth the thing that is appoynted for me, and many such thinges doth he.

15This is the cause that I shrinke at his presence, so that when I consider him, I am afrayde of hym.

16For God maketh my heart softe, and the almightie putteth me in feare.

17Because I am not cut of before the darkenesse, neither hath he couered the cloude fro my face.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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