Psalm 102
Bishops' Bible of 1568 Par ▾ 

The Prayer of the Afflicted

1A prayer of the afflicted when he was ouerwhelmed, and when he did powre out his petition before the face of God. Heare my prayer O God: and let my crying come in vnto thee.

2Hyde not thy face from me in the day of my distresse: encline thine eare vnto me, heare me spedyly in the day that I call.

3For my dayes are consumed away like smoke: and my bones are burnt vp as though they were a firebrande.

4My heart is smitten downe and wythered lyke grasse: because I did forget to eate my bread.

5Through the noyse of my gronyng: my bones wyll scase cleaue to my fleshe.

6I am become lyke a Pellicane of the wildernesse, and like an Owle that is in the desert:

7(102:6) I watch, and am as it were a sparrowe that sitteth alone vpon the house toppe.

8(102:7) Myne enemies reuile me all the day long: and they that are in a rage against me, make their oth by me.

9(102:8) For I haue eaten asshes as it were bread, and mingled my drynke with weepyng,

10(102:8) because of thine indignation and wrath: for thou hast set me vp, and cast me downe.

11(102:9) My dayes fade away lyke a shadowe: and I am wythered lyke grasse.

12(102:10) But thou O God endurest for euer: and thy remembraunce throughout all generations.

13(102:11) Thou wylt aryse vp, thou wylt haue compassion vpon Sion: for it is tyme that thou haue mercie vpon her, for the tyme appoynted is come.

14(102:12) For thy seruauntes be well affected towarde her stones: and it pitieth them to see her in the dust.

15(102:13) And the heathen wyll feare thy name O God: and all the kynges of the earth thy glorious maiestie.

16(102:14) For God wyll buylde vp Sion: to be seene in his glorious maiestie.

17(102:15) He wyll regarde the prayer of the humble destitute of all helpe: and he wyll not dispise their prayer.

18(102:16) This shalbe written for those that come after: and the people which shalbe borne, shall prayse the Lorde.

19(102:17) For he hath loked downe from his high sanctuarie: out of heauen did God beholde the earth.

20(102:18) That he might heare the mourninges of such as be in captiuitie: and delyuer the children of death.

21(102:19) That they may declare the name of God in Sion: and his prayse at Hierusalem.

22(102:20) When people were gathered together, & kyngdomes to serue God:

23(102:20) he afflicted my strength in the way, he shortened my dayes.

24(102:21) But I say, O my God take me not away in the middest of myne age: as for thy yeres, they endure throughout all generations.

25(102:22) Thou hast before tyme layde the foundation of the earth: and the heauens are the worke of thy handes.

26(102:23) They shall perishe, but thou wylt remayne styll: they all shall waxe olde as doth a garment, and as a vesture thou wylt chaunge them, and they shalbe chaunged.

27(102:24) But thou art, and thy yeres can not fayle:

28(102:24) the children of thy seruauntes shal dwell, and their seede shalbe maynteyned in thy syght.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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