Psalm 119:16 {118:16}
Good News Translation
I take pleasure in your laws; your commands I will not forget.

New Revised Standard Version
I will delight in your statutes; I will not forget your word.

Contemporary English Version
I will take pleasure in your laws and remember your words.

New American Bible
In your statutes I take delight; I will never forget your word.

Douay-Rheims Bible
I will think of thy justifications: I will not forget thy words.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

I will think of thy justifications: I will not forget thy words.


Psalm 119:14,24,35,47,70,77,92 I have been delighted in the way of thy testimonies, as in all riches. . . .

Psalm 40:8 That I should do thy will: O my God, I have desired it, and thy law in the midst of my heart.

Romans 7:22 For I am delighted with the law of God, according to the inward man:

Hebrews 10:16,17 And this is the testament which I will make unto them after those days, saith the Lord. I will give my laws in their hearts and on their minds will I write them: . . .

not forget

Psalm 119:11,83,93,109,141,176 Thy words have I hidden in my heart, that I may not sin against thee. . . .

Proverbs 3:1 For they shall add to thee length of days, and years of life, and peace.

James 1:23,24 For if a man be a hearer of the word and not a doer, he shall be compared to a man beholding his own countenance in a glass. . . .

Your Word is a Lamp to My Feet
15I will meditate on thy commandments: and I will consider thy ways. 16I will think of thy justifications: I will not forget thy words.17Give bountifully to thy servant, enliven me: and I shall keep thy words.…
Cross References
Psalm 1:2
But his will is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he shall meditate day and night.

Psalm 112:1
Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord: he shall delight exceedingly in his commandments.

Psalm 119:24
For thy testimonies are my meditation: and thy justifications my counsel.

Psalm 119:35
Lead me into the path of thy commandments; for this same I have desired.

Psalm 119:47
I meditated also on thy commandments, which I loved.

Psalm 119:70
Their heart is curdled like milk: but I have meditated on thy law.

Psalm 119:77
Let thy tender mercies come unto me, and I shall live: for thy law is my meditation.

Psalm 119:92
Unless thy law had been my meditation, I had then perhaps perished in my abjection.

Psalm 119:93
Thy justifications I will never forget: for by them thou hast given me life.

Psalm 119:109
My soul is continually in my hands: and I have not forgotten thy law.

Psalm 119:153
See my humiliation and deliver me for I have not forgotten thy law.

Psalm 119:174
I have longed for thy salvation, O Lord; and thy law is my meditation.

Psalm 119:176
I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost: seek thy servant, because I have not forgotten thy commandments.

Psalm 119:15
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