Psalm 84:1 {83:1}
Good News Translation
How I love your Temple, LORD Almighty!

New Revised Standard Version
How lovely is your dwelling place, O LORD of hosts!

Contemporary English Version
LORD God All-Powerful, your temple is so lovely!

New American Bible
For the leader; “upon the gittith.” A psalm of the Korahites. [2] How lovely your dwelling, O LORD of hosts!

Douay-Rheims Bible
Unto the end, for the winepresses, a psalm for the sons of Core. [2] How lovely are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Unto the end, for the winepresses, a psalm for the sons of Core. [2] How lovely are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!


3469. B.C.


Psalm 8:1 Unto the end, for the presses: a psalm for David. [2] O Lord, our Lord, how admirable is thy name in the whole earth! For thy magnificence is elevated above the heavens.

Psalm 81:1 Unto the end, for the winepresses, a psalm for Asaph himself. [2] Rejoice to God our helper: sing aloud to the God of Jacob.

A Psalm.


Psalm 36:8 They shall be inebriated with the plenty of thy house; and thou shalt make them drink of the torrent of thy pleasure.

Psalm 27:4 One thing I have asked of the Lord, this will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. That I may see the delight of the Lord, and may visit his temple.

Psalm 48:1,2 A psalm of a canticle, for the sons of Core, on the second day of the week. [2] Great is the Lord, and exceedingly to be praised in the city of our God, in his holy mountain. . . .

Psalm 87:2,3 The Lord loveth the gates of Sion above all the tabernacles of Jacob. . . .

Psalm 122:1 A gradual canticle. I rejoiced at the things that were said to me: We shall go into the house of the Lord.

Hebrews 9:23,24 It is necessary therefore that the patterns of heavenly things should be cleansed with these: but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these. . . .

Revelation 21:2,3,22,23 And I, John, saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. . . .

O Lord

Psalm 103:20,21 Bless the Lord, all ye his angels: you that are mighty in strength, and execute his word, hearkening to the voice of his orders. . . .

1 Kings 22:19 And he added and said: Hear thou, therefore, the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on his throne, and all the army of heaven standing by him on the right hand and on the left:

Nehemiah 9:6 Thou thyself, O Lord alone, thou hast made heaven, and the heaven of heavens, and all the host thereof: the earth and all things that are in it: the seas and all that are therein: and thou givest life to all these things, and the host of heaven adoreth thee.

Isaiah 6:2,3 Upon it stood the seraphims: the one had six wings, and the other had six wings: with two they covered his face, and with two they covered his feet, and with two they flew. . . .

Better is One Day in Your Courts
1Unto the end, for the winepresses, a psalm for the sons of Core. [2] How lovely are thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!2my soul longeth and fainteth for the courts of the Lord. My heart and my flesh have rejoiced in the living God.…
Cross References
Psalm 43:3
Sent forth thy light and thy truth: they have conducted me, and brought me unto thy holy hill, and into thy tabernacles.

Psalm 84:8
O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer: give ear, O God of Jacob.

Psalm 132:5
Or rest to my temples: until I find out a place for the Lord, a tabernacle for the God of Jacob.

Ezekiel 24:21
Speak to the house of Israel: Thus saith the Lord God: Behold I will profane my sanctuary, the glory of your realm, and the thing that your eyes desire, and for which your soul feareth: your sons, and your daughters, whom you have left, shall fall by the sword.

Psalm 83:18
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