1 Corinthians 12
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Spiritual Gifts

1As concernynge spirituall giftes (brethren) I wolde not that ye were ignoraunt. 2Ye knowe that ye were Heythe and wente youre wayes vnto dome Idols, eue as ye were led. 3Wherfore I declare vnto you, that no man speakynge thorow the sprete of God, defyeth Iesus. And no man can saye that Iesus is the LORDE, but by the holy goost.

4There are dyuerse giftes, yet but one sprete: 5and there are dyuerse offices, yet but one LORDE: 6and there are dyuerse operacions yet is there but one God, which worketh all in all. 7The giftes of the sprete are geuen vnto euery man to profit the cogregacion. 8To one is geuen thorow the sprete the vtteraunce of wissdome: to another is geuen the vtteraunce of knowlege acordinge to the same sprete: 9to another, faith in the same sprete: to another, the giftes of healinge in the same sprete: 10to another, power to do miracles: to another, prophecienge: to another, iudgment to discerne spretes: to another, dyuerse tunges: to another, the interpretacion of tunges. 11These all doth ye same onely sprete worke, and distributeth vnto euery man, acordinge as he will.

The Body of Christ

12For as the body is one, and hath yet many membres, neuertheles all the membres of the body though they be many, are yet but one body: euen so Christ also. 13For we are all baptysed in one sprete to be one body, whether we be Iewes or Gentyles, whether we be bonde or fre, and haue all dronke of one sprete.

14For the body also is not one membre, but many. 15Yf the fote saye: I am not ye hande, therfore am I not a membre of the body,is he therfore not a membre of ye body? 16And yf the eare saye: I am not the eye, therfore am I not a membre of the body, is he therfore not a membre of the body? 17Yf all the body were an eye, where were then the hearinge? Yf all were hearinge, where then the smellinge? 18But now hath God set the membres, euery one seuerally in the body, as it hath pleased him. 19Neuertheles yf all the mebres were one membre, where were then the body? 20But now are the membres many, yet is the body but one. 21The eye can not saye vnto the hande: I haue no nede of the: or agayne the heade vnto the fete, I haue no nede of you: 22but rather a greate deale the mebres of the body which seme to be most feble, are most necessary: 23and vpon those membres of the body which we thinke least honest, put we most honestie on: and oure vncomly partes haue most beutye on. 24For oure honest membres neade it not. But God hath so measured ye body, and geuen most honoure vnto that mebre which had nede, 25that there shulde be no stryfe in the body, but that the membres shulde indifferently care one for another. And yf one membre suffre, all the membres suffre with him: 26and yf one membre be had in honoure, all the membres are glad with him also.

The Greater Gifts

27But ye are the body of Christ, and membres, euery one of another.

28And God hath ordeyned in the congregacion, first the Apostles, secodly prophetes, thirdly teachers, then doers of miracles, after that the giftes of healinge, helpers, gouerners, dyuerse tunges. 29Are they all Apostles? Are they all prophetes? Are they all teachers? Are they all doers of miracles? 30Haue they all the giftes of healinge? Speake they all with tunges? Can they all interprete? 31But covet ye the best giftes. And yet shewe I you a more excellent waye.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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