2 Kings 1
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Elijah Denounces Ahaziah
(1 Kings 22:51–53)

1The Moabites also fell awaye from Israel, whan Achab was deed. 2And Ochosias fell thorow ye grate in his chaber at Samaria, and was deed sicke, and sent messaungers, and sayde vnto them: Go youre waye, and axe councell at Beelzebub the god of Ekron, whether I shall recouer from this sicknesse. 3But the angell of ye LORDE sayde vnto Elias the Tishbite: Vp, & go mete the messaungers of the kynge of Samaria, and saie vnto them: Is there no God in Israel that ye go to axe councell at ye god of Ekron? 4Therfore thus sayeth the LORDE: Thou shalt not come from the bed wheron thou lyest, but shalt dye the death. And Elias wente his waye.

5And wha ye messaunges came to Ochosias agayne, he sayde vnto the: Why come ye agayne? 6They sayde vnto him: There came vp a man in oure waye, and sayde vnto vs: Go againe to the kinge that hath sent you, and saye vnto him: Thus saieth the LORDE: Is there no God in Israel, yt thou sendest to axe coucel at Beelzebub ye god of Ekro? Therfore shalt thou not come from ye bed wheron thou lyest, but shalt dye the death. 7He sayde vnto them: What maner of man was it that mett you, and sayde this vnto you? 8They sayde vnto him: He had a rough heer vpon him, and a letheren gyrdell aboute his loynes. He sayde: It is Elias the Tishbite.

9And he sent vnto him a captaine ouer fiftye, with the same fyftye. And whan he came vnto him, beholde, he sat aboue vpon the mout. He sayde vnto him: Thou ma of God, the kynge sayeth: Thou shalt come downe 10Elias answered the captayne ouer fyftye, and sayde vnto him: Yf I be a man of God, the fyre fall downe then from heauen, and cosume the and thy fyftie. Then fell there fire from heauen, and consumed him and his fyftye.

11And agayne he sent another captayne ouer fyftye vnto him, with his fyftye, which answered, and sayde vnto him: Thou man of God, thus sayeth the kynge: Come downe in all the haist. 12Elias answered, and saide: Yf I be a ma of God, ye fire fall downe from heauen, and consume the and thy fyftye. Then fell the fyre of God from heauen, & consumed him, and his fyftye. Agayne, he sent vnto him the thirde captayne ouer fyftye, with his fyftie.

13Now whan he came to him, he kneled to Elias, and besoughte him, and sayde vnto him: Thou man of God, let my soule and ye soules of thy seruauntes these fyftye, be somwhat worth in thy syghte. 14Beholde, the fyre fell downe from heauen, and hath consumed the fyrst two captaynes ouer fyftye wt their fyftyes. But now let my soule be somwhat worth in thy sighte. 15Then saide the angel of the LORDE vnto Elias: Go downe with him, and feare him not. And he gatt him vp, and wente downe with him vnto ye kynge. 16And he sayde vnto him: Thus saieth the LORDE: Because thou hast sent forth messaugers, and caused to axe councell at Beelzebub the god of Ekron, as though there were no God in Israel to axe coucell at his worde, therfore shalt thou not come from the bed wheron thou hast layed the, but shalt dye ye death.

Jehoram Succeeds Ahaziah

17So he dyed, acordynge to the worde of the LORDE which Elias sayde. And Ioram (his brother) was kynge in his steade in the seconde yeare of Ioram the sonne of Iosaphat kynge of Iuda: for he had no sonne. 18What more there is to saye of Ochosias, what he dyd, beholde, it is wrytte in the Cronicles of the kynges of Israel.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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