Acts 10
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Cornelius Sends for Peter

1There was a man at Cesarea, named Cornelius (a captayne of ye copany, which is called ye Italianysh) 2a deuoute man, & one that feared God wt all his house, & gaue moch almesse to ye people, and prayed God allwaye. 3The same sawe in a vision openly (aboute the nyenth houre of the daye) an angell of God entringe in to him, and sayenge vnto him: Cornelius. 4He loked vpon him, and was afrayed, and sayde: LORDE, what is it? He sayde vnto him: Thy prayers & thine allmesses are come vp in to remebraunce before God. 5And now sende men vnto Ioppa, & call for Simo, whose syrname is Peter, 6which is at lodginge with one Symon a tanner, whose house lyeth by ye see syde: he shal tell ye, what thou oughtest to do. 7And wha the angell which spake to Cornelius, was departed, he called two of his housholde seruauntes, & a deuoute soudyer, of the that wayted vpon him: 8and tolde them all, and sent the to Ioppa.

Peter’s Vision
(Leviticus 11:1–47; Deuteronomy 14:1–21)

9On the nexte daye after whan these were goinge on their iourney, and came nye vnto the cite, Peter wente vp in to a chamber to praye aboute the sixte houre. 10And whan he was hogrie, he wolde haue eate. But whyle they made ready for him, he fell into a traunce, 11and sawe heaue open, and a vessell comynge downe vnto him, as it had bene a greate lynne clothe, knytt at the foure corners, and was let downe to ye earth, 12wherin were all maner of foure foted beestes of the earth, & wylde beestes, and wormes, and foules of the ayre. 13And there came a voyce vnto him: Ryse Peter, slaye, & eate. 14But Peter sayde: Oh no, LORDE, for I neuer ate eny commen or vncleane thinge. 15And the voyce spake vnto him agayne ye secode tyme: What God hath clensed, yt make not thou vncleane. 16This was done thryse. And ye vessell was receaued vp agayne in to heauen.

Peter Called to Caesarea

17But whyle Peter was combred in him selfe, what maner of vision this shulde be which he had sene, beholde, the men yt were sent from Cornelius, enquered after Simos house, and stode before the dore, 18and called, and axed whether Simon (whose syrname was Peter) were lodged there. 19Whyle Peter was musinge of the vision, the sprete sayde vnto him:beholde, the men seke the. 20Aryse therfore, and get the downe, & go with the, and doute not, for I haue sent them. 21Then wente Peter downe to the men, yt were sent vnto him from Cornelius, and sayde: lo, I am he whom ye seke: what is ye cause, wherfore ye are come? 22They sayde: Cornelius the captayne, a iust man and one that feareth God, and of good reporte amoge all the people of the Iewes, was warned by an holy angell, to sende for the in to his house, and to heare wordes of the. 23Then called he them in, and lodged them.The nexte daye after wente Peter forth with them, and certayne brethren of Ioppa bare him company.

Peter Visits Cornelius

24And ye daye folowinge came they to Cesarea. Cornelius wayted for the, and had called together his kynssfolkes and speciall frendes. 25And as it chaunced yt Peter came in, Cornelius mett him, and fell downe at his fete, & worshipped him. 26But Peter toke him vp, and sayde: Stonde vp, I am a man also. 27And as he talked wt him, he wente in, and founde many that were come together, 28and he sayde vnto them: Ye knowe, that it is not laufull for a man beynge a Iewe to ioyne him selfe or to come to a straunger. But God hath shewed me, yt I shulde call no ma comen or vncleane. 29Therfore haue I not douted to come, as soone as I was sent for. I axe you therfore, for what intent haue ye sent for me?

30Cornelius sayde: It is now foure dayes agoo, then fasted I, and at the nyenth houre I prayed in my house, and beholde, there stode a ma before me in a bryghte clothinge, 31and sayde: Cornelius, yi prayer is herde, and thine allmesse dedes are had in remebraunce iu the sighte of God. 32Sende therfore to Ioppa, and call for one Simon (whose syrname is Peter) which is at lodginge in ye house of Simon ye taner, by the see syde: ye same wha he commeth, shal speake vnto ye. 33Then sent I vnto the immediatly, and thou hast done well, that thou art come. Now are we all here presente before God, to heare all thinges that are commaunded the of God.

Good News for the Gentiles

34Peter opened his mouth, & sayde: Now perceaue I of a trueth, that God hath no respecte of personnes, 35but in all people he yt feareth him, and worketh righteousnes, is accepted vnto him. 36Ye knowe of ye preachinge that God sent vnto the children of Israel, preachinge thorow Iesus Christ (which is LORDE ouer all) 37which preachinge was published thorow out all Iewry, and begane in Galile after ye baptyme that Ihon preached, 38how God anoynted the same Iesus of Nazareth with the holy goost and wt power, which wente aboute, & dyd good, and healed all those that were oppressed of the deuell, for God was with him. 39And we are witnesses of all that he dyd in the londe of the Iewes, & at Ierusalem. Whom they slewe, and hanged on tre. 40Him God raysed vp on the thirde daye, and caused him be openly shewed, 41not to all the people, but to ye chosen witnesses of God euen vnto vs, which ate & dronke with him, after he was rysen vp from the deed. 42And he commaunded vs to preach vnto the people, and to testifye, that it is he which is ordeyned of God a iudge of the lyuynge and of the deed. 43Of him beare all the prophetes wytnesse, that thorow his name all they yt beleue in him, shal receaue remyssion of synnes.

The Gentiles Receive the Holy Spirit
(Acts 19:1–7)

44Whyle Peter was yet speakynge these wordes, the holy goost fell vpo all the that herkened vnto the worde. 45And the faithfull of the circucision which came with Peter, were astonnyed, because that the gifte of ye holy goost was shed out also vpon the Heythen. 46For they herde that they spake with tunges, and magnified God. The answered Peter: 47Maye eny man forbydde water, that these shulde not be baptysed, which haue receaued the holy goost as well as we? 48And he commaunded them to be baptysed in the name of the LORDE. The prayed they him, that he wolde tary there certayne dayes.

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