Isaiah 65
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Judgments and Promises
(Romans 10:1–21)

1They shal seke me, that hitherto haue not axed for me: they shal fynde me, that hither to haue not sought me. Then shal I saye immediatly, to the people that neuer called vpon my name: I am here, I am here.

2For thus longe haue I euer holden out my hondes to an vnfaithful people, that go not the right waye, but after their owne ymaginacions:

3To a people, that is euer defyenge me to my face. They make their oblacions in gardens, and their smoke vpon aulters of bricke,

4they lurck amonge the graues, and lie in the dennes all night. They eate swyne flesh, and vnclene broth is in their vessels.

5Yf thou comest nye them, they saie: touch me not, for I am holyer then thou. All these men when I am angrie, shalbe turned to smoke and fyre, that shal burne for euer.

6Beholde, it is written before my face, & shal not be forgotten, but recopensed. I shal rewarde it them in to their bosome:

7I meane youre mysdedes, and the mysdedes of youre fathers together (saieth the LORDE) which haue made their smokes vpon the mountaynes, and blasphemed me vpon the hilles: therfore will I measure their olde dedes in to their bosome agayne.

8Morouer thus saieth the LORDE: like as when one wolde gather holy grapes, men saye vnto him: breake it not of, for it is holy: Euen so will I do also for my seruauntes sakes, that I will not destroye them all.

9But I will take a sede out of Iacob, and out of Iuda one, to take possession of my hill. My chosen shal possesse these thinges, & my seruauntes shall dwell there.

10Saron shalbe a shepefolde, and the valley of Achor shal geue stallinge for the catell of my people, that feare me.

11But as for you, ye are they, yt haue forsaken the LORDE, and forgotten my holy hill. Ye haue set vp an aulter vnto fortune, & geue rich drinkofferinges vnto treasure.

12Therfore wil I nombre you with the swerde, that ye shall be destroyed all together. For when I called, no man gaue me answere: when I spake, ye herkened not vnto me, but dyd wickednes before myne eyes, and chosed the thinge that pleased me not.

13Therfore thus saieth the LORDE God: Beholde, my seruauntes shal eate, but ye shall haue honger. Beholde, my seruauntes shall drynke, but ye shal suffre thurste. Beholde, my seruauntes shal be mery, but ye shal be cofounded.

14Beholde, my seruauntes shal reioyse for very quietnesse of herte. But ye shal crie for sorow of hert, and coplayne for vexacion of mynde.

15Youre name shal not be sworne by amonge my chosen, for God the LORDE shal slaye you, and call his seruauntes by another name.

16Who so reioyseth vpo earth, shall reioyse in the true God: And Who so sweareth vpo earth, shal sweare in the true God. For the olde enemite shalbe forgotten, and taken awaye out of my sight.

A New Heaven and a New Earth
(Revelation 21:1–8)

17For lo, I shal make a new heaue, & a new earth. And as for the olde, they shall neuer be thought vpo, ner kepte in mynde:

18but me shalbe glad and euermore reioyse, for the thinges, that I shall do. For why: Beholde, I shal make a ioyfull Ierusale,

19yee I myself will reioyse with Ierusalem, & be glad with my people: And the voyce of wepinge and waylinge shall not be herde in her from thece forth.

20There shall neuer be childe ner olde man, that haue not their full dayes. But whe the childe cometh to an huderth yeare olde, it shall dye. And yf he that is an huderth yeare of age do wronge, he shalbe cursed.

21They shal buylde houses, and dwel in them: they shal plante vynyardes, and eate the frute of them.

22They shall not buylde, & another possesse: they shall not plante, and another eate: But the life of my people shalbe like a tre, and so shal the worke of their hondes.

23My chosen shal lyue longe, they shall not laboure in vayne, ner beget wt trouble: for they are the hie blessed sede of the LORDE, & their frutes with them.

24And it shalbe, that or euer they call, I shal answere them. Whyle they are yet but thinkinge how to speake, I shal heare them. 25The wolff and the lambe shal fede together, and the lyon shal eate haye like the bullocke. But earth shalbe the serpetes meate. There shal no man hurte ner slaye another, in all my holy hill, saieth the LORDE.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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