Romans 10
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

The Word Brings Salvation
(Isaiah 65:1–16)

1Brethren, my hertes desyre, & prayer vnto God for Israel is, that they might be saued. 2For I beare them recorde, that they are zelous for Gods cause, but not wt vnderstondinge. 3For they knowe not the righteousnes which auayleth before God, and go aboute to manteyne their awne righteousnes: and thus they are not subdued vnto the righteousnes, that is off value before God. 4For Christ is the ende of the lawe, vnto righteousnes for euery one yt beleueth.

5Moses wryteth of ye righteousnes which commeth of the lawe, that the man which doth ye same, shal lyue therin. 6But ye righteousnes which cometh of faith, speaketh on this wyse: Saye not in thine hert: Who wil go vp in to heaue? (that is nothinge els then to fetch Christ downe) 7Or who wyl go downe in to ye depe? (that is nothinge els the to fetch vp Christ from the deed.) 8But what sayeth the scripture? The worde is nye the, euen in thy mouth and in thine hert. This is ye worde of faith yt we preach. 9For yf thou knowlegest Iesus with thy mouth, that he is the LORDE, and beleuest in thine hert, that God hath raysed him vp from the deed, thou shalt be saued. 10For yf a man beleue from the hert, he shalbe made righteous: and yf a ma knowlege with the mouth, he shal be saued. 11For the scripture sayeth: Who so euer beleueth on him, shal not be confounded. 12Here is no difference, nether of the Iewe ner of the Gentyle. For one is LORDE of all, which is riche vnto all yt call vpo him. 13For who so euer shal call vpon the name of the LORDE, shalbe saued.

14But how shal they call vpo him, on who they beleue not? How shal they beleue on him, of who they haue not herde? How shal they heare without a preacher? 15But how shal they preach, excepte they be sent? As it is wrytte: How beutyfull are the fete of the yt preach peace, yt brynge good tidinges?

16But they are not all obedient vnto the Gospell. For Esaye sayeth: LORDE, who beleueth oure preachinge? 17So the faith cometh by hearynge, but hearinge cometh by the worde of God.

18But I saye: Haue they not herde? No doute their sounde wete out into all londes, and their wordes in to the endes of the worlde.

19But I saye: Hath not Israel knowne? First, Moses sayeth: I wil prouoke you to enuye, by them that are not my people: & by a foolish nacion wyl I anger you.

20Esaye after him is bolde, aud sayeth: I am founde of them, that sought me not: & haue appeared vnto them, that axed not after me.

21But vnto Israel he sayeth: All the daye loge haue I stretched forth my handes vnto a people yt beleueth not, but speaketh agaynst me.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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