Joshua 4
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Twelve Stones from the Jordan

1And ye LORDE sayde vnto Iosua: Take you twolue men, out of euery trybe one, & comaunde them, & saye: 2Take vp twolue stones out of Iordane, 3from the place where the fete of the prestes stode in their araye: & cary them with you, yt ye maie leaue them in ye lodginge, where ye shal lodge this night. 4The Iosua called twolue me which were prepared of the children of Israel, out of euery trybe one, 5& sayde vnto the: Go youre waye ouer before the Arke of the LORDE youre God in the myddes of Iordane, & take euery man a stone vpon his shulder, after the nombre of the trybes of ye children of Israel, 6yt they maye be a token amonge you. And whan youre children are their fathers here after, and saye: What do these stones there? 7That ye maye then saye vnto them, how that the water of Iordane claue in sunder before the Arke of the LORDES couenaunt, whan it wente thorow Iordane, & that these stones are set for a perpetuall remembraunce vnto the children of Israel.

8Then dyd the children of Israel as Iosua commaunded them, and bare twolue stones out of the myddes of Iordane (as the LORDE had sayde vnto Iosua) acordinge to the nombre of the trybes of the children of Israel, and broughte the same with them in to the lodginge, and lefte them there. 9And Iosua set vp twolue stones in ye myddes of Iordane, where ye fete of the prestes stode, that bare ye Arke of the couenaunt: and there they be yet vnto this daye. 10As for ye prestes that bare ye Arke, they stode in the myddes of Iordane, vntyll all was perfourmed that the LORDE charged Iosua to saye vnto ye people acordinge as Moses gaue Iosua in commaundemet. The people also made haist, and wente ouer. 11Now whan all the people was gone ouer, the Arke of the LORDE wente ouer also, and the prestes wente before the people. 12And the Rubenites, & Gaddites, and ye halfe trybe of Manasse wente harnessed before the childre of Israel, like as Moses had sayde vnto the: 13Aboute a fortye thousande men ready harnessed to the warre, wente before the LORDE to the battayll, vpon ye felde of Iericho.

14In that daye the LORDE made Iosua greate in the sighte of all Israel: and like as they feared Moses, so stode they in awe of him, all his life longe.

15And the LORDE sayde vnto Iosua: 16Commaunde the prestes which beare the Arke of witnesse, that they come vp out of Iordane. 17So Iosua comaunded the prestes, & sayde: Come vp out of Iordane. 18And whan the prestes yt bare the Arke of the couenaut of ye LORDE were come out of Iordane, and trode with the soles of their fete vpon the drye londe, ye water of Iordane came agayne in to his place, and flowed (like as afore tyme) vpon all his banckes.

The Camp at Gilgal

19It was ye tenth daye of the first moneth, whan the people came vp out of Iordane: & they pitched their tentes in Gilgall vpon ye East syde of ye cite of Iericho. 20And ye twolue stones which they had taken out of Iordane, dyd Iosua set vp at Gilgall, 21& saide vnto the children of Israel: Whan youre children are their fathers herafter, & saie: What meane these stones? 22Ye shall tell the, & saye: Israel wete drye thorow Iordane, 23what tyme as ye LORDE yor God dryed vp ye water of Iordane before you, vntyll ye were ouer: like as the LORDE yor God dyd in the reed see, which he dryed vp before vs, yt we mighte go thorow: 24that all the people vpon earth mighte knowe the hade of the LORDE, how mightie it is, to the intent that ye shulde allwaye feare the LORDE youre God.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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