Leviticus 22
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Restrictions against the Unclean

1And the LORDE talked with Moses, & sayde: 2Speake vnto Aaron, & his sonnes, yt they absteyne from ye halowed thinges of the childre of Israel, which they haue halowed vnto me, & yt they vnhalowe not my holy name: for I am ye LORDE. 3Saie now vnto them & their posterities: Who so euer he be of yor sede, yt commeth nye vnto the holy thinges, which the childre of Israel halowe vnto the LORDE, & so defyleth him self vpon the same, his soule shal perishe before my face: for I am the LORDE. 4Who so euer of the sede of Aaron is a leper, or hath a runnynge yssue, shall not eate of the holy thinges, tyll he be clensed. Who so toucheth eny vncleane thinge, or whose sede departeth from him by night, 5or who so toucheth eny worme that is vncleane vnto him, or a ma yt is vncleane vnto him,

6& what so euer defyleth hi, loke what soule toucheth eny soch, is vncleane vntyll the euen, & shall not eate of the holy thinges, but shall first bath his flesh with water. 7And wha ye Sonne is gone downe, and he cleane, then maye he eate therof, for it is his foode. 8Loke what dyeth alone, or is rent of wylde beestes, shall he not eate, yt he be not vncleane theron: for I am ye LORDE. 9Therfore shal they kepe my lawe, yt they lade not synne vpon them, & dye therin, whan they vnhalowe them selues in it. For I am ye LORDE, yt halowe them.

10A straunger shal not eate of the holy thinges, ner an housholde gest of the prestes, ner an hyred seruaut. 11But yf ye prest bye a soule for his money, ye same maye eate therof. And loke who is borne in his house, maye eate of his bred also. 12Neuertheles yf the prestes doughter be a straungers wife, she shal not eate of the Heueofferinges of holynes. 13But yf she be a wedowe, or deuorced, or haue no sede, & commeth agayne to hir fathers house as a fore (whan she was yet a mayden in hir fathers house) then shall she eate of hir fathers bred. But no strauger shal eate therof. 14Who so els eateth of the halowed thynges, vnwyttingly, shal put ye fifth parte there vnto, and geue it vnto the prest with the halowed thinge, 15that they vnhalowe not ye halowed thinges of the children of Israel, which they Heue vp vnto the LORDE, 16lest they lade them selues with mysdoinge and trespace, wha they eate their halowed thynges, for I am ye LORDE which halowe the.

Worthy Offerings

17And ye LORDE talked wt Moses, & saide: 18Speake vnto Aaron & his sonnes, & to all ye childre of Israel: What so euer Israelite or straunger in Israel wyll do his offerynge, whether it be their vowe, or of fre wyl, that they wyll offre a burntofferynge vnto the LORDE, 19to reconcyle them selues, it shal be a male, and without blemysh, of the oxen, or lambes or goates. 20What so euer hath eny blemish, shal they not offre, for they shal fynde no fauoure therwith. 21And who so wyl offre an health offeringe vnto the LORDE to separate out a vowe, or of fre wyl, oxen or shepe, it shalbe without blemysh, yt it maye be accepted. It shal haue no deformite. 22Yf it be blynde, or broke, or wounded, or haue a wen, or skyrvye, or scabbed, they shal offre none soch vnto the LORDE, ner put an offerynge of eny soch vpo the altare of the LORDE. 23An oxe or shepe yt hath mysshappe membres, or no rompe, mayest thou offre of a fre wyll: but to a vowe it maye not be accepted. 24Thou shalt offre also vnto the LORDE nothinge yt is brused, or broken, or rent, or cutt out, & ye shal do no soch in youre londe. 25Morouer ye shall offre no bred vnto youre God of a straungers hande: for it is marred of him, and he hath a deformite, therfore shal it not be accepted for you.

26And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, & sayde: 27Wha an oxe, or labe, or goate is brought forth, it shal be seuen dayes with the dame, and vpon the eight daye & therafter it maie be offered vnto the LORDE, the is it accepted. 28Whether it be oxe or lambe, it shall not be slayne with his yonge in one daye. 29But wha ye wil offre a thakoffringe vnto the LORDE yt it maye be accepted, 30ye shal eate it the same daye, & kepe nothinge ouer vntyll the mornynge: for I am the LORDE. 31Therfore kepe now my commaundementes, and do them: for I am the LORDE,

32yt ye vnhalowe not my holy name, & that I maye be halowed amonge the children of Israel. For I am he that halowe you, eue ye LORDE, 33which brought you out of ye lode of Egipte, yt I might be yor God: Euen I ye LORDE.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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