Psalm 139
Coverdale Bible of 1535 Par ▾ 

You Have Searched Me and Known Me

1O Lorde, thou searchest me out, and knowest me.

2Thou knowest my downe syttinge & my vprisynge, thou vnderstodest my thoughtes a farre of.

3Thou art aboute my path & aboute my bedd, & spyest out all my wayes.

4For lo, there is not a worde i my toge, but thou (o LORDE) knowest it alltogether.

5Thou hast fashioned me behinde & before, & layed thine hode vpon me.

6Soch knowlege is to wonderfull & excellet for me, I can not atteyne vnto it.

7Whither shal I go then from thy sprete? Or, whither shal I fle from thy presence?

8Yf I clymme vp in to heauen, thou art there: yf I go downe to hell, thou art there also.

9Yf I take the wynges of the mornynge, & remayne in the vttemost parte of the see:

10Euen there also shal thy honde lede me, and thy right hande shal holde me.

11Yf I saye: peradueture the darcknesse shal couer me, then shal my night be turned to daye.

12Yee the darcknesse is no darcknesse with the, but the night is as cleare as the daye, the darcknesse & light are both alike.

13For my reynes are thyne, thou hast couered me in my mothers wombe.

14I wil geue thakes vnto the, for I am woderously made: maruelous are thy workes, and that my soule knoweth right well.

15My bones are not hyd from the, though I be made secretly, and fashioned beneth in the earth.

16Thine eyes se myne vnparfitnesse, they stonde all writte i thy boke: my dayes were fashioned, when as yet there was not one of them

17How deare are yi coucels vnto me o God? O how greate is the summe of them?

18Yf I tell them, they are mo in nombre then the sonde: when I wake vp, I am present with the.

19Wilt thou not slaye ye wicked (oh God) that the bloudethyrstie mighte departe fro me?

20For they speake vnright of the, thine enemies exalte them selues presumptuously.

21I hate them (o LORDE) that hate the, & I maye not awaye with those that ryse vp agaynst the?

22Yee I hate them right sore, therfore are they myne enemies.

23Trye me (o God) and seke the grounde of myne hert: proue me, & examen my thoughtes.

24Loke well, yf there be eny waye of wickednesse in me, & lede me in the waye euerlastinge.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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