Psalm 66
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Make a Joyful Noise
(Psalm 100:1–5)

1O be ioyfull in God (all ye lodes)

2Synge prayses vnto the honor of his name make his prayse to be glorious.

3Saye vnto God: O how wonderfull are thy workes? thorow the greatnesse of thy power shal thine enemies be confouded.

4O yt all the worlde wolde worshipe the, synge of the and prayse thy name.

5Sela. O come hither and beholde the workes of God, which is so wonderfull in his doinges amonge the children of men.

6He turned the see in to drye lode, so that they wente thorow the water on fote: therfore wil we reioyse in him.

7He ruleth with his power for euer, his eyes beholde the people: the rennagates shal not be able to exalte them selues.

8Sela. O magnifie or God (ye people) make ye voyce off his prayse to be herde.

9Which holdeth or soule in life, and suffreth not oure fete to slippe.

10For thou (o God) hast proued vs, thou hast tried vs like as syluer is tried.

11Thou hast brought vs in to captiuyte, and layed trouble vpon or loynes.

12Thou hast suffred men to ryde ouer or heades, we wete thorow fyre and water, butt thou hast brought vs out, and refreshed vs.

13Therfore will I go into thy house wt bretofferinges, to paye the my vowes,

14which I promised wt my lippes, and spake with my mouth, when I was in trouble.

15I wil offre vnto the fatte brentsacrifices with the smoke of rames, I will offre bullockes and goates.

16Sela. O come hither and herke (all ye that feare God) I wil tell you, what he hath done for my soule.

17I called vnto hi wt my mouth and gaue him prayses with my tuge.

18(Yff I enclyne vnto wickednes with my herte, ye LORDE wil not heare me.)

19Therfore God hath herde me, ad considred the voyce off my prayer.

20Praysed be God, which hath not cast out my prayer, ner turned his mercy fro me.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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