5360. philadelphia
Strong's Concordance
philadelphia: the love of brothers, brotherly love
Original Word: φιλαδελφία, ας, ἡ
Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
Transliteration: philadelphia
Phonetic Spelling: (fil-ad-el-fee'-ah)
Definition: the love of brothers, brotherly love
Usage: brotherly love, love of Christian brethren.
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5360 philadelphía (from 5384 /phílos, "loving friend" and 80 /adelphós, "a brother") – properly, affection for the brethren (fellow-believers).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from philadelphos
the love of brothers, brotherly love
NASB Translation
brotherly kindness (2), brotherly love (1), love of the brethren (3).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5360: φιλαδελφία

φιλαδελφία, φιλαδελφίας, (φιλάδελφος), the love of brothers (or sisters), brotherly love (properly, 4 Macc. 13:22; 14:1; (Philo, leg. ad Gaium § 12); Josephus, Antiquities 4, 2, 4; Lucian, dial. deor. 26, 2; Plutarch, libell. περί φιλαδελφίας; (cf. Babrius 47, 15)); in the N. T. "the love which Christians cherish for each other as 'brethren'" (see ἀδελφός, 4); (love of the brethren) (Vulg.caritas or amor fraternitatis): Romans 12:10; 1 Thessalonians 4:9; Hebrews 13:1; 1 Peter 1:22; 2 Peter 1:7, cf. 1 John 5:1.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
brotherly love, kindness

From philadelphos; fraternal affection -- brotherly love (kindness), love of the brethren.

see GREEK philadelphos

Forms and Transliterations
φιλαδελφια φιλαδελφία φιλαδελφίᾳ φιλαδελφιαν φιλαδελφίαν φιλαδελφιας φιλαδελφίας philadelphia philadelphía philadelphíāi philadelphian philadelphían philadelphias philadelphías
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Englishman's Concordance
Romans 12:10 N-DFS
GRK: τῇ φιλαδελφίᾳ εἰς ἀλλήλους
NAS: another in brotherly love; give preference
KJV: one to another with brotherly love; in honour
INT: with the brotherly love toward one another

1 Thessalonians 4:9 N-GFS
GRK: δὲ τῆς φιλαδελφίας οὐ χρείαν
NAS: Now as to the love of the brethren, you have
KJV: as touching brotherly love ye need
INT: moreover brotherly love no need

Hebrews 13:1 N-NFS
GRK: φιλαδελφία μενέτω
NAS: Let love of the brethren continue.
KJV: Let brotherly love continue.
INT: Brotherly love let abide

1 Peter 1:22 N-AFS
GRK: ἀληθείας εἰς φιλαδελφίαν ἀνυπόκριτον ἐκ
NAS: for a sincere love of the brethren, fervently
KJV: unfeigned love of the brethren, [see that ye] love
INT: truth to brotherly love sincere out of

2 Peter 1:7 N-AFS
GRK: εὐσεβείᾳ τὴν φιλαδελφίαν ἐν δὲ
NAS: and in [your] godliness, brotherly kindness, and in [your] brotherly kindness,
KJV: godliness brotherly kindness; and
INT: godliness the brotherly love in moreover

2 Peter 1:7 N-DFS
GRK: δὲ τῇ φιλαδελφίᾳ τὴν ἀγάπην
NAS: brotherly kindness, and in [your] brotherly kindness, love.
KJV: and to brotherly kindness charity.
INT: moreover the brotherly love the love

Strong's Greek 5360
6 Occurrences

φιλαδελφίᾳ — 3 Occ.
φιλαδελφίαν — 2 Occ.
φιλαδελφίας — 1 Occ.

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