563. aperispastós
Strong's Concordance
aperispastós: without distraction
Original Word: ἀπερισπάστως
Part of Speech: Adverb
Transliteration: aperispastós
Phonetic Spelling: (ap-er-is-pas-toce')
Definition: without distraction
Usage: without distraction, without being distracted.
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563 aperispástōs (an adverb, from 1 /A "without" and 4049 /perispáō, "distract") – properly, without distraction (hindrance). 563 (aperispástōs) occurs only in 1 Cor 7:35 where it refers to having full devotion (being completely undistracted).

[Note the force of the prefix (575 /apó). See also 4049 (perispáō) for more on the root idea.]

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from alpha (as a neg. prefix) and perispaó
without distraction
NASB Translation
undistracted (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 563: ἀπερισπάστως

ἀπερισπάστως, adverb (περισπάω, which see), without distraction, without solicitude: 1 Corinthians 7:35. (The adjective occurs in Wis. 16:11; Sir. 41:1; often in Polybius (the adverb in 2, 20, 10; 4, 18, 6; 12, 28, 4; cf. Winers Grammar, 463 (431)) and Plutarch.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
without distraction.

Adverb from a compound of a (as a negative participle) and a presumed derivative of perispao; undistractedly, i.e. Free from (domestic) solicitude -- without distraction.

see GREEK a

see GREEK perispao

Forms and Transliterations
απερισπαστως απερισπάστως ἀπερισπάστως aperispastos aperispastōs aperispástos aperispástōs
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Englishman's Concordance
1 Corinthians 7:35 Adv
GRK: τῷ κυρίῳ ἀπερισπάστως
NAS: what is appropriate and [to secure] undistracted devotion
KJV: the Lord without distraction.
INT: on the Lord without distraction

Strong's Greek 563
1 Occurrence

ἀπερισπάστως — 1 Occ.

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