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’ă·mā·rāy — 6 Occurrences

Job 33:3
HEB: יֹֽשֶׁר־ לִבִּ֥י אֲמָרָ֑י וְדַ֥עַת שְׂ֝פָתַ֗י
NAS: My words are [from] the uprightness
KJV: My words [shall be of] the uprightness
INT: are the uprightness of my heart my words knowledge and my lips

Psalm 5:1
HEB: מִזְמ֥וֹר לְדָוִֽד׃ אֲמָרַ֖י הַאֲזִ֥ינָה ׀ יְהוָ֗ה
NAS: For the choir director; for flute accompaniment. A Psalm of David. Give ear to my words, O LORD,
KJV: Give ear to my words, O LORD,
INT: A Psalm of David to my words Give LORD

Psalm 141:6
HEB: שֹׁפְטֵיהֶ֑ם וְשָׁמְע֥וּ אֲ֝מָרַ֗י כִּ֣י נָעֵֽמוּ׃
NAS: And they hear my words, for they are pleasant.
KJV: they shall hear my words; for they are sweet.
INT: their judges hear my words for are pleasant

Proverbs 2:1
HEB: אִם־ תִּקַּ֣ח אֲמָרָ֑י וּ֝מִצְוֹתַ֗י תִּצְפֹּ֥ן
NAS: you will receive my words And treasure
KJV: if thou wilt receive my words, and hide
INT: if will receive my words my commandments and treasure

Proverbs 4:10
HEB: בְּ֭נִי וְקַ֣ח אֲמָרָ֑י וְיִרְבּ֥וּ לְ֝ךָ֗
NAS: and accept my sayings And the years
KJV: and receive my sayings; and the years
INT: my son and accept my sayings will be many and the years

Proverbs 7:1
HEB: בְּ֭נִי שְׁמֹ֣ר אֲמָרָ֑י וּ֝מִצְוֹתַ֗י תִּצְפֹּ֥ן
NAS: keep my words And treasure
KJV: keep my words, and lay up
INT: my son keep my words my commandments and treasure

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