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bə·ra·‘aš — 3 Occurrences

Job 39:24
HEB: בְּרַ֣עַשׁ וְ֭רֹגֶז יְגַמֶּא־
NAS: With shaking and rage he races
KJV: the ground with fierceness and rage:
INT: shaking and rage races

Isaiah 9:5
HEB: סְאוֹן֙ סֹאֵ֣ן בְּרַ֔עַשׁ וְשִׂמְלָ֖ה מְגוֹלָלָ֣ה
NAS: of the booted warrior in the [battle] tumult, And cloak
KJV: of the warrior [is] with confused noise, and garments
INT: boot of the booted the tumult and cloak rolled

Ezekiel 12:18
HEB: אָדָ֕ם לַחְמְךָ֖ בְּרַ֣עַשׁ תֹּאכֵ֑ל וּמֵימֶ֕יךָ
NAS: your bread with trembling and drink
KJV: thy bread with quaking, and drink
INT: of man your bread trembling eat your water

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