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ḥă·qō·wr — 2 Occurrences

2 Samuel 10:3
HEB: הֲ֠לוֹא בַּעֲב֞וּר חֲק֤וֹר אֶת־ הָעִיר֙
NAS: to you in order to search the city,
KJV: unto thee, to search the city,
INT: not order to search the city to spy

Proverbs 25:2
HEB: וּכְבֹ֥ד מְ֝לָכִ֗ים חֲקֹ֣ר דָּבָֽר׃
NAS: of kings is to search out a matter.
KJV: of kings [is] to search out a matter.
INT: the glory of kings search A matter

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