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ḏā·šen — 3 Occurrences

Job 36:16
HEB: שֻׁ֝לְחָנְךָ֗ מָ֣לֵא דָֽשֶׁן׃
NAS: on your table was full of fatness.
KJV: [should be] full of fatness.
INT: your table was full of fatness

Psalm 65:11
HEB: וּ֝מַעְגָּלֶ֗יךָ יִרְעֲפ֥וּן דָּֽשֶׁן׃
NAS: And Your paths drip [with] fatness.
KJV: and thy paths drop fatness.
INT: and your paths drip fatness

Jeremiah 31:14
HEB: נֶ֥פֶשׁ הַכֹּהֲנִ֖ים דָּ֑שֶׁן וְעַמִּ֛י אֶת־
NAS: of the priests with abundance, And My people
KJV: of the priests with fatness, and my people
INT: the soul of the priests abundance and my people with

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